"Maeanna blows my mind every time I sit with her.  She is able to reach places in me that are unique and help me to see where I need to focus my energy and attention.  I love that she is accessible in her language and down to earth while still able to reach such a deep and true place in my mind, body and spirit.  Maeanna has helped me grow and stay centered during times of big change in my life."  --Erin McCready, Olympia, WA


"Maeanna has incredible veracity as a psychic reader. She often takes the time to pause and gather insight before relaying the wisdom her guides present. She doesn't bring anything forward without first considering the best way to say it. Through this careful and intentional process, she hits her mark every time. I have never seen someone leave a reading with Maeanna feeling disappointed. Most often, they are ebullient, emerging with a clear understanding of their work in the world. Her understanding of the paradigm shifts present in our culture make her a great reader for people who live outside of the norm, though I would recommend her to anyone! A psychic with the manner and capacity of a therapist, Maeanna is a healer and visionary in the truest sense." --Dreamy Sea, Psychic Sister, Olympia, WA


"Informed, insightful, intelligent card reading. While much consideration was given to the near past and near future, a broader context was decidedly interwoven, and gave meaning and depth to the question "what's next?" Maeanna helped me to see things from angles that I couldn't have discovered on my own, from my own limited perspective. This process helped me to solidify my daily art practice and enrich my connection to my spirit. It is an honor and a pleasure to be the focus of Maeanna's divine gifts and insights."--Kitty Koppleman, Olympia, WA


"Maeanna and I did a card reading session, asking what I needed to know to make the best possible progress with a major change I'm making in my life. The breadth of what she covered was wonderful: patterns and fears from my childhood, my relationship with my wife, the cramping effect of my over-earnest interest in spiritual development. All of it was clearly related to my question and has been very useful. I had wondered how Maeanna would be during the reading - personal? distant? I felt like she was very present with her whole, personal self, while also having clear access to guidance from beyond the personal. For me it was a perfect combination of challenge with real warmth and care. Since the session, I have broken up log jams in my psyche that have been in place for decades, and I'm moving forward in a way that I didn't know if I would ever get to."--Bruce Welti, Seattle, WA


"My tarot and astrology reading with Maeanna was (and still is) deeply helpful to me during an intense period of transformation in my life. Her ability to connect and be transparent made me feel safe and grounded while being open to expanding and letting in new insights and information. Maeanna digs deep beneath the surface of things, working with intuition and guidance as well as clear and powerful intentions."--Ingrid Abbot, Olympia, WA


If you have had a session with me, please take a minute to fill out this form.  I really appreciate feedback!

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"There have been moments when something current comes to push on old wounds or I just need some direction in the next steps for my work as a healer. Then I go in for a reading and everything from the imagery to the phrasing pushes on places in my heart that compel me to move the blocks, push past, and reclaim parts of myself that I have cast aside. I am grateful for Maeanna's tendency to synthesize the message with practical applications that bring about transformation on the big scale! Thank you!" --Shameka


"Through Intense times and thru the gentle times Maeanna has the abillity to navigate with sharp eyes within the realms of the spirit world. Reading upon the unseen. She is an adept at deciphering the truth, the heart, the meat of the matter at hand. OMGS! I have felt totally crazy with all the magic pushing on me in all different directions. And I call my Priestess up and after the hour session I'm like whew! Bullet points to the task list. Yea! We have got order in the chaos. Thank you, Maeanna, a thousand fold, YOU powerful priestess! Like an unflinching reed in the Nile." --MaeDea, Port Townsend, WA


"Maeanna is the warmest & kindest person you could hope to share your indecisions, heartaches and soul-searches with. She has keen intuition and a wide range of tools to use for clarifying your concerns and foretelling the best course of action. 

I appreciate Maeanna's mix of tarot and astrology readings. Both provided me with different insights I needed. Her tarot reading revealed the outcomes of different courses of action, the upsides/downsides of each, and gave me unexpected insight into the crux of the issue I was working with. Her astrology readings gave me a timeline for how long I could expect certain stresses and opportunities to be present in my life. Having some sense of a timeframe helped me understand how to allot my energy - was this a short-term big push to figure out an issue or a years-long unraveling of a piece of myself? 

Maeanna is very gifted in her ability to ground all process in the positive; even when a reading foretells struggle her perspective places it in a positive context of growth and awakening. She will certainly warn you away from particular things and be direct about it (thankfully!) but overall her readings are grounded in developing your personal powers and illuminating the deeper purpose in our heartaches and struggles. I wholeheartedly recommend having Maeanna at your side when facing transition or confusion!"--Savahn Rosinbum, Olympia, WA


"Maeanna is one of the most intuitive and kind spirits I have ever met. Her wisdom and guidance has had a profound impact on me and the way I see the world. She speaks from a place of peace and connection to both the things of this world and other worlds. Her generosity is astounding - you will not find anyone like Maeanna!"--Lindsay Tunkl, Los Angeles, CA


"Maeanna helps me ground and feel more ease during difficult times by teaching me new magical tools and through clarifying confusing issues. When working with me, she combines the perspectives of tarot, astrology, specific spiritual practices, her inner knowing, and her connection to the spirit world. I trust Maeanna because she works from a belief that our world is a benevolent and abundant place. It's clear Maeanna cares deeply about creating healing and positive transformation for her clients."--Sable Bruce, Olympia, WA