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You can find information here about one on one instruction and classes.

One on One Instruction


I offer instruction in basic witchcraft, psychic self-protection, communication with spirits, and energetic boundaries.  I will prepare lessons for you, give you homework, and be available for some questions via email.  Sessions are 2-4 hours long, according to your preference and budget.  My preference is that there is no more than a month between sessions, so that information will stay fresh and we can keep a good momentum going.

I will use trance, verbal explanation and energetic and magical exercises to teach you.  Your homework could include practicing things we cover in session, building your own connections with spirit, and using magical tools for self reflection.

At this time, I only offer this service in person.  Prior to scheduling, I will want to have a conversation about what you're looking for, what kinds of supports you have that will help you integrate our work together, and to give you information about what to expect when you begin studying magic.  My goal in this is to ensure that we are a good match and that what I offer will work for you and can be introduced into your life safely.  

All sessions are confidential. You can schedule via email, call or text. I work with clients on Sundays, Mondays, Wednedays and Thursdays. I sometimes take space away from my communication devices on other days, so don't worry if I don't respond to an inquiry right away. 24 hours notice is needed to cancel a session. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will need to pay the full price of the session.



I offer classes in basic witch craft, psychic self-protection, astrology, communication with spirits, and energetic boundaries.  You will find class descriptions, rates, registration information and dates here.  At this time, I only offer this service in person.

Connecting Deeply, Walking Well

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A class about integrity, land magic, and honoring histories

Open to BIMS students in 2nd year and above, BIMS graduates and former students

February 17th from 11-4

In this class we will discuss:

-asking permission

-being denied permission

-making offerings

-honoring heartbreak

-honoring ancestors and descendants

-honoring boundaries and skepticism from ancestors of the land

-standing in our integrity while holding complexity

-working magic with an awareness of privilege and oppression

Magic is about relationships, about healing, and knowing ourselves in all our parts.  We must develop our integrity to practice safely and well. In our Earth based spirituality, working with the land is a huge part of how we work in the human realm in relationship to what has created and holds us.  To be in integrity working with the land, we must honor the histories of place where we work, learning to be present with the heartbreak of genocide and colonialism even as we work joyfully to awaken healing in ourselves and the ecosystems around us.  If we are practicing magic in the US, we are working on land that has a deep history of trauma. We come to any and all workings with the complexity of our ancestral legacies, our lived experiences, and our beautiful intentions. Learning to listen, humbly and lovingly, to the real experiences of land and its peoples, is part of being in alignment doing our work as witches.  Honoring the relationships of lands and ancestral lines is part of connecting deeply and working with integrity. Working in these ways, we learn to carry the wholeness of who we are, knowing ourselves in all our parts, that we may come into right relationship with our magic, the stories of our bloodlines, and the lands on which we work and walk.

We will review tools that can help us find right ways to interact with how we carry our magic on this land, do some exercises and magic, and explore together and with the spirits that guide us how to open ourselves joyfully to deeper learning and service.

If you are or have been a student of Blue Iris Mystery school for at least one full year, you are invited!  

The money:  $20-40 sliding scale (includes a $5 donation to NAYA)

Location:  TBA

Class size: 20

Use these discount codes to pay these amounts on the sliding scale:

  • $20- 20BIMS

  • $25- 25BIMS

  • $30- 30BIMS

  • $35- 35BIMS