About the Money

Sliding scale

I offer sliding scale for all my services. It is incredibly important to me to do so and be able to do so, and I most sincerely want you to ask for it if you need it.

I will not ask you to prove anything to me or justify your need.

There are many sliding scale systems that people use, all with different philosophies behind them, and different ways they work to keep a balance between providing flexibility for clients while addressing sustainability for the practitioner. They all have value, and I have used multiple of them.

My current system is this:

-I have a set rate listed for each service.

-I reserve a set number of appointments in my weekly schedule for sliding scale.

-In order to obtain one of those appointments, contact me to schedule (via text, phone call, email, or contact form) and include a request for sliding scale along with the other information about what type of appointment you want to set up. I will offer you my next available spots.

-I have, as a general guideline, set the bottom of my scale to $60 for tarot and coaching, and $90 for astrology. This number offers a starting point, and is an amount that I feel I can easily and regularly work with within the parameters of this system. If you need more, please let me know. One of the benefits of this particular system is that, by limiting the number of appointments I offer on a sliding scale, I have more flexibility in the scale I can offer within those appointments.

There is no limit to the number of sliding scale appointments you personally can access. The only limiting factor is how many there are per week in my schedule. If you are, or wish to become, a regular client of mine, I will work with you to find an on-going rate that is sustainable for you.

I have chosen this system as a way to provide myself with both more consistency and more flexibility. It helps me support my financial health by giving me more consistency and predictability. Having most of my schedule given over to consistent rates gives me more flexibility in what I can offer those who need to pay on a sliding scale. It also gives me more room to offer discounts or to offer my services as community service.


I offer discounted rates for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Please let me know if you need this discount. I will work with you on a sliding scale basis, without restricting the number of weekly appointments (as I do with sliding scale). The bottom of the scale is $45.