Making Friends With Daddy Saturn Personalized Digital Workbook

Making Friends With Daddy Saturn Personalized Digital Workbook


This is a personalized workbook for Saturn Transits.  It provides homework based on an individual birth chart that will help get the most healing and transformation out of a Saturn transit.  Workbooks are made as ordered, and delivered to your email as a PDF.

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This is a personalized set of tools for navigating a Saturn transit.  It is designed to help you work in the ways Saturn works- self-initiated, systematic, and practical.  It is based on your birth chart.  To generate the prompts and tools given, I will have looked at your chart to see not only what part of your chart is being influenced directly by a Saturn transit, but also what parts may be indirectly activated.  This will get at the intersections inside you and allow for a more thorough exploration.

The workbook includes an introduction to Saturn transits, the planets in your chart being affected and the dates of the transits, a list of themes that are likely to come up, tips for setting yourself up to succeed, writing exercises and a selection of other exercises that may include altar-building, working with lunar cycles, and working with energy and the body.  Space is given to exercises, not chart interpretation.  

Workbooks are approximately 15-23 pages long, varying according to how many planets in your chart Saturn is affecting.  

Saturn transits are long, over a year each, and if you have more than one overlapping, you may be looking at many years under Saturn's tutelage.  These workbooks cover the most immediate transits (what's happening at or near the time you order), and most include tools that you will be able to use for the next 1-3 years.  

Not everyone is having a Saturn transit all the time.  There will be times when such a thing as this workbook would be totally irrelevant for you, so it's good to check if you're not sure.  If you are familiar with astrological symbols and able to see on a chart when planets are influencing each other, you can look at your chart for free at  Select "natal chart with transits" from the extended chart selection.  If you are not familiar with charts, email me your birth info and I will let you know before you order.

You will receive a PDF in your inbox, formatted for viewing on your device, or for printing.  Please allow a week for delivery of your workbook.