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tarot and astrology readings

Readings are offered on a sliding scale.

tarot $95

Tarot readings are fantastic for gaining in-depth, well-rounded perspective on particular themes or issues in your life.  During Tarot readings I communicate directly with your spirit guides to bring through the information you need.

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individual astrology $130

Astrology readings are great for providing context and strategy.  They can be somewhat more brainy than Tarot readings, which is useful for giving your intellect a way to approach your healing. 

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Partner astrology $150-250

Partner astrology is very helpful for understanding how to help our collaborations and relationships thrive. They are offered for personal, romantic, family and work relationships.

A one hour, basic partnership reading is $150.

A two hour, in-depth partnership reading is $250.

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"Maeanna blows my mind every time I sit with her.  She is able to reach places in me that are unique and help me to see where I need to focus my energy and attention.  I love that she is accessible in her language and down to earth while still able to reach such a deep and true place in my mind, body and spirit.  Maeanna has helped me grow and stay centered during times of big change in my life."  

— erin mccready, olympia, wa


magical life coaching


I offer on-going sessions for clients who are looking for long term support.  Coaching can be good for a range of different processes:  career changes, relationship changes, processing grief, shifting behavioral patterns, embracing creativity, approaching healing and incorporating spiritual practices into daily life.

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instruction in basic witch craft, psychic self-protection, communication with spirits, and energetic boundaries.

One-on-One instruction is $60-95/hour, sliding scale.  

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