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big enough to hold

We are power awakening and we are seamlessly interwoven with life around us.  So we stand in complexity with ease.  We see clearly what we have been- the swaths of wounding, the devastations down our lines.  But we know who we are.  Our bodies know, they can never forget.  (One with the Earth, one with the Earth.)  We see clearly what is to be remembered, revived.  We can see with clarity what we must become.  

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fully ourselves in love

This moon challenges us to consider, in every realm, that full expression of and revelry in the Self is not mutually exclusive with being in relationship to what our love yearns for.  This moon exposes our longing, both for connection, and for ourselves.  We cannot understate the importance of either, and the work of this moon is to get big enough to hold both. 

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the shore and the sea

When we are stripped down and dissolved, it is possible that we are revealed.  That we find ourselves.  There is a process of surrender that is beautiful, that is refreshing, that leaves wisdom in its wake.  It is sometimes hard to know where the line is.  The ways of being reduced and distilled that are healing us instead of breaking us.

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