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The Pulse of Courage

We are all trying to find our way.  We all have only ourselves to bring.  All our individual stories are unfolding simultaneously, intricately, uniquely, but not separately.  We cannot abandon them, and being asked to show up is not a call to.  It is an invitation to find ourselves, which means seeing ourselves in the dance, letting its pulse move through us and ourselves move with that beat.  It means seeing and owning that we are more than what we have been conditioned to be, yes, and that we are responsible for truly becoming that more, for clearing our conditioning out of the way of the beauty inside.  No one else can do it for us.

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The Flow of Inspiration

The New Moon is a beginning, and the eclipse adds power and emphasis to everything we invoke now.  You have a gift to give and the longing to give it.  You have your own gate to mystery to tend and give from.  You have an innocent passion that can envision not only your own greatest fulfillment, but also a healthier world.  You have a pure desire that will fight for what is sacred.

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