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Healing Wheel Samhain to Samhain 2017-18

It's time again for the Samhain edition of the Healing Wheel workbook!  This workbook takes you from Samhain through the Wheel of the Year, supporting you in aligning yourself with the seasons and the rhythms of the Earth.  It includes a tarot spread, information about each holiday in the wheel, daily practices and exercises, astrological information, writing prompts, altar suggestions, and rituals for each holiday.  

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Imbolc to Imbolc Healing Wheel Workbook

This workbook takes you through the eight holidays of the Wheel of the Year, beginning with Imbolc.  Imbolc is at the beginning of February and is the holiday of the quickening, the stirring of the seeds, and making magical commitments for the coming year.  Imbolc carries a building energy, it is the first restlessness after the stillness of winter.  As such, it is an excellent time to begin working with the seasons. 

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Healing Wheel Workbook

I'm releasing a Wheel of the Year workbook!

t is a spell.  It is a call to bring ourselves into alignment with the Earth and her rhythms.  There is a strong link between our individual and collective healing, and I am offering this book with the intention of strengthening that link and putting the work that individuals do to bring themselves into right relationship with the Earth into direct service to the collective healing.

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