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The Skill of Surrender

We are all working to change.  We can never know everything about that road.  We can never know what we will have to give up for the healing to move through us.  Surrender is a skill set.  We need to practice it, then practice it again.  Talk to each other about it, model it.  Hone it.  The tides of change are sometimes less about fighting and more about knowing what to tend and what to let pass on.  This moon is a moment.

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Conscious Evolution

This moon is calling us to the power of our consciousness.  Whether or not we understand consciousness, whether or not we can see it in all things is besides the point if we can't even handle our own well.  We are conscious and we have choice.  This much we know.  Our consciousness shapes our ability to evolve.  Pisces knows about surrender, Virgo knows about service.  The best service we can do at this time is to surrender to our need to change.  To choose, on our own terms, to stop engaging in the behaviors that cause harm, the behaviors that feed cycles, large and small, personal and collective, that are vicious.

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Moon of Revelations

Often the best solution is the easiest.  Especially true now under this moon of revelations.  The best solution happens when you accept the truths that are being shown you.  When you surrender to the truth and then do the obvious work that is yours to do.  When you are receptive and open, committed and diligent.  Is that not easier than fighting? 

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