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Love is For The Brave

These are some tense and beautiful times.  Some traumatic and healing times.  We can no longer hide from complexity, from nuance, from consciousness, yet we need to let some things be simple.  Like commitment and integrity.  Like being present.  Like owning healing.  Difficult to do, maybe, but simpler than the alternatives, and demanding a clarity that is simpler than the layers of shenanigans that have to happen if we want to stay asleep, checked out, or isolated.

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Compassionate Reckoning

This moon makes me wonder:  What is our duty around our capacity for awareness?  What is responsible with regards to our senses?  How can we use sensitivity and action to span the continuum from individuality to connection to everything?  As we continue to be awash in the upswell of old stuff courtesy of Venus, how can we combine the wisdom of Virgo with the tenderness of the Pisces full moon?

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