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Choice But Not Control

This is a time of great uncertainty.  Uncertain how much of what we know will stick around, uncertain whether or not we are headed into a time of deepest, hardest toil, and/or deepest, most astonishing healing.  We don't know.  Because we haven't done it yet, because the cards have not all been dealt, because we have choice but not control. 

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Letting the Body Lead

What with the summer coming, and the sun in Gemini and all, this is a heady time.  There's a lot going on--plants, birds, animals, lots of movement after months of energy build up, and lots of ideas floating around.  This can feel great, and it can also be really over-stimulating.  In all three cards there were messages about honoring our bodies.  We need to do this so we can handle all the stimulation without draining our systems.

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