Courage For Miles



We've got to get raw.  Strip down all the scarring on our hearts and stand naked in our need and tenderness.

No amount of hiding will serve us if what we are hiding from is ourselves.  This is a year of working over.  Unmaking, remaking.  

In the rich, deep muck of the ocean all things are born.  In the rich, deep muck of the psyche, all things are born.  Born of what has broken down.  Born of what has dissolved.  We have been shaking and shedding, sloughing off loosened bits.  If we can dive deep, nothing between us and ourselves, we can find treasures.

This round of eclipses starts with the New Moon in Cancer, exactly opposing Pluto in Capricorn, and ends with 2 more eclipses, each working the Leo/Aquarius axis.  It's a beautiful sequence, with plenty of intensity, drawing us down into the psychic soil at the bottom of our seas and up into the relationship between fully realized self and how we work our place in the collective.  A lovely arc that will have us resonating at many levels.

First things first.  The deeps.  This moon is calling for a level of vulnerability more profound, more honest, and more visceral than anything we are used to.  It is calling us to fully see ourselves, and when safe, to allow ourselves to fully be seen.  To stand in the tension between the wounds we carry and the brilliance that is becoming and own it all.  To examine the things that are painful to poke at, staying deeply personal with them even as we stay big enough to trace their impact.  This damaged culture in which we live is made up of the potent mix of unexamined fears and unhealed wounds.  A mix that has been systematized, built into structures, institutions and cultural currency.

The ocean knows about mixing things together.  It knows about cross currents, and shared consciousness, waves and vibrations that go for miles.  It knows about depths, fear and courage.  It knows about scale.  We stand in the cross currents of our personal traumas and the complex flows of power and privilege that move through society.  We stand in the flows between those who have gone before and those who will come after.  We can search ourselves, surrender to the tides and dig deep, and in so doing, send waves out through all the currents that wash through and around us.  We can feel deep, examine minutely, and process in the swirls of deep knowing, and that courage will go for miles.

Our hearts are unfathomably strong.  This moon will teach us about that.  Cancer guards itself fiercely because it has only that shell for structure.  Under the shell, the ocean.  Crack that shell, and the ocean spills out.  Hard, maybe, to be made so, but what strength, to be so small and carry the ocean.  We can learn from that tenderness, learn from that strength.  It will take all the love our hearts can spill out to heal those wounds that have become structural, both in our individual bodies and in our shared systems.  

There is an opportunity now to make powerful commitments.  Pluto in Capricorn will give staying power to what we commit to in our raw truth.  It will back up our vulnerability with deep personal power and a sense of how to build what lasts.

Stand naked before yourself.  Stand naked before the needs of Love.  To the degree that you are able, break open and let the ocean flow.  Mark this moment.  This courage will go for miles.  You will be able to feel its waves, and you will find that they shape the shore.  You will climb out of the deeps, with new shape yourself, and deeper knowing.