the beauty inside us


New moon in taurus, uranus enters taurus, May 2018

Dear Human,

You are magic.  You are the Earth.  You are an animal.  You are a human animal and that is a perfect thing to be.  It is what you came here to do, and you must learn to love doing it.  You cannot succeed at being anything else in this lifetime.  It has been fraught, and complicated and painful.  It has seemed sometimes maybe that it is the last thing to be that is worth anything to anyone, the last thing that is worth anything to the Earth.  There are generations of pain and harm to point to.  Generations of a seemingly irreparable separation.

Don't buy it.  Your body knows.  It is wise, and hopeful, and pulsing with connection.  Notice the ways it reaches out.  Notice the ways joy surges through.  Notice how, even in things that have become tangled and daunting, like sex, maybe, or food, or feeling the fullness of sensation, that the drive, the imprint, the desire, the truth of our connectedness is still there.  It leaves evidence of itself as much in the ease of opening to these things as in dissociation, numbness or repulsion.  No reaction is the real sign of disconnect.  Numbness is not no reaction.  Popping out is not no reaction.  We react, respond, are constantly tracking the realities of our bodies here on Earth.  Our gifts are shaped, constantly, by the realities of our animal selves.  Not in spite of them.  Everything is shaped by its limits, by what narrows it down and specifies it.  That is what it means to become.  Our magic would not be what it is without our humanity.  

Beautiful human, the Earth is awakening.  We are entering a cycle of arousal and disruption in areas that we are accustomed to finding stable.  You are the Earth and this will not pass you over.

This New Moon is the gatekeeper.  It will steady and ground us, invite us into our bodies, invite us into the deep calm that Taurus knows best.  So that we can be ready.  So that we can have a moment of entry, of induction.  Taurus invites us into the joy of the body, the delight of the senses, the deep comfort of connection.  It establishes and maintains reliable patterns.  It builds- strength, stamina, depth, commitment.  It is, perhaps, the sign that is most able to touch into our animal wisdom, the sign most constantly aware of being one with the Earth.  It does not tend to initiate change lightly, because what Taurus undertakes it sees through.  But when it does...when it does initiate change... if it decided that the best road to deeper connection was through disruption, the best path to joyful embodiment was to shake up the things that keep us from it...

If Taurus decides to change a thing, it plays for keeps.  It works to create a change that will last.  It will shift the very foundations so that we can build anew, and it will be in the service of joy.  

When Taurus turns to creating change, it will be thorough, it will have power behind it, and it will rumble and tumble what we have taken for granted as features of our collective and personal landscapes.  When Taurus has a revolution, it will be in service of love.  It will be by and for the little Earths that we are, the human animal magic we carry.

When we learn to carry our human, animal, embodied Earth magic, we will be able to bring more power to our ability to work magic on and for the Earth.  The Earth is awakening and we must also.  We must rouse the parts of ourselves that change slowly, love deeply, and build carefully.  We must become willing to sacrifice the short-sighted comfort of our familiar, limited ways for the more joyful, more challenging but longer lasting task of building a world in which we can experience the deeper comfort of being our full selves.

This New Moon, sit inside your own animal self.  Take the moment to notice the shifts that are yours.  Take a moment to be held by the special Taurus ability to find calm from within and bring it to any situation.  We will not be able to slow the change, not able to control the pace.  We can only learn to join it, dance in it, bring all the love and joy we can to shape it.  We need and deserve to be authentic in our bodies.  We need and deserve to bring our visions for freedom and our animal joy together.  Be steadied by what you love.  Be grounded in what brings delight bubbling up inside of you.  Gift some love to your humanity, so that the beauty it carries can blossom.  Take comfort from the way the Earth is singing to your body, whether you are yet able to open to it or not.  Put your roots down in connection and you will be ready for the ride.  The secret is, we make our comfort.  We bring with us what we need.  The secret is, we are and have everything inside us to make this beautiful.

I love you.  Happy moon.