big enough to hold


full moon in scorpio, april 2018

We stand in the power of complexity stirring.  We hold it with grace and ease.  We hold it with bodies full of love, hearts open, peace and commitment.  We are the firm foundation.  We are the roots.  We are the soil and nutrients, the full package of what grows us.  When the going gets intense, we ground deeper, root fiercer, shake the world with our calm.

When the pleasure lovers get fierce, the ground moves with the rhythm.  When the peaceful are activated, possibility cracks open.  This is the moon of the bull aroused.

This spring continues to not be messing around.

The complexity that stirs us is the holding of what is steady, nurturing and embodied as we welcome intensity, surrender to change, face what scares us, and pry scabs off wounds.  The grace and ease is the welcoming of our joy even as we face our pain.  We are power awakening.  We go after our transformation.  We seek it out, strategic, practical, sustained.  We are awakening.  Here.  In this life, in this realm, on this sweet little ball of abundance swinging through the stars.  

We must learn to work our magic here.  We must learn to love, and therefore awaken, our bodies.  Every potential is awoken with love.  Every bloom, every seed, every wild song.  Wild bodies, full of wisdom.  Love them, love them, and wake them up.  They are a gift of healing for the Earth.  They are the genius of our magic.  They weave protections, cures, and wonder.  At some point we were sold a lie, the seeds of doubt about our presence here, but we can be a gift.  We can be a blessing.  Beyond stewardship, for we are not separate from what we tend.  Beyond preserving and conserving, for nature is abundant/our natures are abundant.  We are power awakening and we are seamlessly interwoven with life around us.  So we stand in complexity with ease.  We see clearly what we have been- the swaths of wounding, the devastations down our lines.  But we know who we are.  Our bodies know, they can never forget.  (One with the Earth, one with the Earth.)  We see clearly what is to be remembered, revived.  We can see with clarity what we must become.  

We know that joy and sorrow are both melodies in the same song.  (Love.)  We hold it in our bodies, we sing it with our courage, we weave it with our commitment.  Animal bodies, animal wisdom.  

There is nary a fiercer pair for commitment than Taurus and Scorpio.  For steadfastness and depth.  For stubbornness and relentlessness.  For courage and courage.  For body joy and raw emotional honesty.  For the constant seeking of what makes us feel held combined with the constant seeking of the next layer down.  The body can only come home through joy.  Healing can only be sustained with a rich soil, and the willingness to dig in it.  Sometimes the path to joy is through the loving holding of our sorrow.  Sometimes its in finding and observing in each other the courage it takes to face the worst of us.  Sometimes it's in simple surrender to beauty, in pleasure unfolding.  There is no magic formula.  There is only presence, only love.

This is an invocation.  A calling in.  The opening of magic to follow.  We speak into the future, standing in the present.  We speak with authority to what we are, to awaken it and call it forth.  We become big enough to hold all that we wish and know ourselves to be.