fully ourselves in love

full moon in libra, march 2018

This spring is not messing around.  It is not fluffy or naive.  All that is new is fully cognizant of consequence, of roots, of the requirement of work.  There is the call and pull of the freshness, but it is wise in the ways of change in the world.  Getting reborn may be heavy on the contractions this year, a longer, more complicated labor.

The Full Moon will inject some connectivity into an otherwise individualistic and business oriented time.  The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all in Aries.  Venus and Uranus hanging out, having shaken up some of the ways we bring ourselves to relationship, and Mercury and the Sun close enough together for us to be feeling what this Mercury retrograde has as its private message for each of us.  Mars and Saturn are almost conjunct in Capricorn, bringing our energies into alignment with our long term goals, and making us willing to fight for what we are building and believe in.  Not messing around.

This moon, then.  This beauty, opening us up, calling us to beauty as well as utility, connection as well as self-exploration/definition, gentleness and soothing as well as assertiveness.  The moon in Libra reflects, partners, seeks fulfillment in union with another.  It is a reminder that we need love.  That yearning never goes away, it underpins everything we do.  The invitation right now is to bring ourselves fully to love.  To be fully ourselves in love.  To be in love with our full selves.  To be fully in love with ourselves.

We are never meant for one minute to stop being ourselves.  To step outside of our perspectives, yes, but never to abandon the unique fire of the self.  It is shaped and transformed by contact with others, but should not be put out.  This Aries season is fierce, and gives us many ways and means for reflecting on our relationships with ourselves.  It is the last time the Uranus in Aries will be backed up with multiple faster moving planets before it moves into Taurus in June.  It is the last hurrah for the planet of personal freedom and authenticity in the sign of individuation.  What is happening right now is important.  The ways in which you feel self-interested and impatient are important.  That doesn't mean they don't need some diplomacy around how they are handled, it just means they are the rumblings of something precious.

What if we could stand in both?  What if we took the risk of both staying fully ourselves and fully owning our need to be loved?  To lose oneself in relationship is as much a protection against our fear as isolating and staying unyielding in our self-serving.  In either case, we are acting out of a belief that the love we need will not be there for us, as we are.  The belief that true, deep love and the fully realized self cannot co-exist.  This moon challenges us to consider, in every realm, that full expression of and revelry in the Self is not mutually exclusive with being in relationship to what our love yearns for.  This moon exposes our longing, both for connection, and for ourselves.  We cannot understate the importance of either, and the work of this moon is to get big enough to hold both.  

It's bigger than our romantic relationships, bigger than our other closest relationships.  It goes into how we show up for whatever we love, into how we bring ourselves, or don't, to every way in which we relate to and partner with the world around us.  Our desire for beauty, to be beautifully in relationship with the world around us, to see ourselves and offer back to the communities and ecosystems that matter to us.  It's about bringing our full selves and our full desire to be loved to everything.  

Aries is about immediacy.  It's about what's happening right now, how we feel alive in the moment.  It's not about pondering how we bring ourselves to love, or getting lost in theory.  It demands that we take moment to moment risks to show up more fully.  It's about the quickening of the pulse when you reach out for the love you need, when you stand visible in your desire, when you bring your full self to a moment of connection, when you let someone see you just as you are, loving them and yourself.  In all relationships, even those we have with our passions and endeavors.

It is this we are born of.  This that will make us new, reconnect us, put us in alignment, prepare us for blooming.