the shore and the sea



new moon in pisces, march 2018

In the deeps, in the deeps, we sing, we flow, we mourn, we rejoin, rejoice and renew.  Every song that was ever sung is moving along those currents.  Every wisdom, every sorrow, every ecstasy.  Consciousness is mysterious and simple.  It is focused and shapeless.  It is now and timeless, individual and constantly connected.  Sometimes we lose ourselves in the mirrors.  Sometimes we find ourselves.  In the mirrors of merging and joining, reflecting, projecting, rejecting, and selecting.  How to be aware of what is bigger than us without becoming victims?  How to be open, sensitive and connected without losing ourselves in what we feel from and about others?  How to remember the cosmos in hearts, skies and bellies while keeping the shapes that allow us to move?  Our humanity demands we hold shape.  It demands we individuate.  It demands that we remember the bigger songs of who we are.  Connected, mysterious, shapeless.  

When we are stripped down and dissolved, it is possible that we are revealed.  That we find ourselves.  There is a process of surrender that is beautiful, that is refreshing, that leaves wisdom in its wake.  It is sometimes hard to know where the line is.  The ways of being reduced and distilled that are healing us instead of breaking us.  Hard to know which moments of surrender and ferocity turn the tides.  It is sometimes in the moments of horror and hardship that we discover what holds us, what we are made of.

This is a time for intentional surrender.  A time to hold with strategy and grace the processes that will help us clear our systems.  There are so many things that are out of our control, so many things that call to our pain and our hurts, so many things that could crack us open and invite us to fall apart.  If we are to choose renewal at this time, we need to be present and making choices.  With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars joining them just after the moon turns, our need for shape and structure is high.  Saturn and Mars in one place speaks to the relationship between the actions we take in the short term and their impacts on the long term.  If we totally dissolve everything within and without, it will take us a while to take shape again.  Discernment and commitment will make the difference between helpful releasing and coming undone.  The waters will flow through whatever passages they find.  It is holding and affirming our shapes that will give them a shore on which to have their tides.  

If we make structures and priorities that are not loving or connective, we will wither and dry.  We need to tend the body with love.  We need to get bigger so that we can hold more.  We need to do concrete things that strengthen our capacity for the deep swells.  There are consequences of our escape arts, whether we escape into fantasy and oblivion or the mundane.  Things we would hold that can get lost.  There is a rhythm and a logic to the currents if we can keep our eyes, hearts and heads open.  We could be swept to reunion, washed clean, freed up, and brought home, or we could lose ourselves in the seas, adrift in victimhood of our own creation, drowning and dying of thirst at the same time.  

Capricorn does what works no matter how it feels.  Pisces feels deeply no matter what is practical.  What if we executed every act of self-love with the utmost diligence?  What if we were as practical about the consequences of a lack of vulnerability, empathy or emotion as were about the awkwardness and pain of feeling deeply?  What if we made the tangible practices of compassion a priority?  To do so is to be both the shore and the sea.  We need to be both for ourselves.  We need to be both for each other.  We are one and many.

We are real.  We are here.  We are both more and less than we imagine.  What is arbitrary and irrelevant is good food for the tides.  We are not meant to become the water, but to let it move through us, earthly bodies, individual psyches, hearts that long and bond and feel.  This is the time to lean in.  To hold yourself fully, with tenderness.  Pisces has gifts for the heart and soul.  It has the sweetness of the deeps to sing into whatever hurt or resistance is keeping us from ourselves.  If we can open, we will be sung home.  If we open, we will be held.  If we open, our knowing will expand, deepen and blossom.  Earth and stars, shore and sea.


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