Love Into Action


New Moon In Capricorn, January 2018

This is the moon of purposeful steps.  This is the moon of climbing, building, walking the walk.  This is the moon that lends power and intention to the ways we put our commitments into action.  The ways in which we demonstrate our faith by showing up with tangible offerings.  

Every motivational saying you have ever heard or seen on a poster has its roots in energy like what this New  Moon in Capricorn offers.  Every truth of how we craft a new reality, of the work we put in, of how our intentions and our actions build what lasts is reverberating through these moments.  We have been shaken up, stripped down, tumbled and scared and put back together over the last few years.  We are still being rewritten by the times in our lives and communities.  There is no more certainty than there has been at any other point, but the energy has changed and it is time for active engagement, thoughtful engagement, strategic engagement.  We can call our power home, heal what blocks it and shift the patterns in our energy, but it does not coalesce until we act from our power, our healing and our spirits.  It does not become integrated until we bring it into our daily lives.  We can call our power home, but we will never truly understand it until we wield it.

How can we understand and become willing, surrounded as we are by bad examples?  Wielding our power does not mean what domination says it means.  Our personal power is our brave hearts, our relentless creativity, our drive to heal.  It is what makes us listen to our needs in the face of shame, what keeps us striving for what we love, what pushes us out of our comfort zones because something we need for the magic we are building is out there.  It is what connects us to spirit, helps us distinguish our magic from others'.  It is what gives us the stamina to stand with love in the face of our mistakes and stay present for restoration.  It is the courage it takes to unlearn what society says we should be.  It is our passion for what makes our hearts sing.  It is the way we carry forward the gifts of our ancestors.  To wield our power is to act from and for those places in ourselves, and to invest in our collective ability to do so.

Integrity is acting from what we believe in.  It is when our outsides match our insides.  When our actions match our proclamations.

Integrity is also integration.  It's not just acting from what is sacred to us, but letting our experiences move through us.  It's receiving the wisdom from our work.  It's letting ourselves be changed and shaped by the efforts we have put in.  If you have been struggling to heal, there comes a time when you have to let it be easy.  If you have been building skills, there comes a time when you have to put them to use.  If you are seeking wholeness, there comes a time when you have to let all your parts come home, let them re-integrate, and take on the behaviors and habits of someone who knows their wholeness.  We have no integrity when our attachments to our old tools and narratives is so strong that we cannot evolve because we refuse to integrate.

What we set into motion now will feed us for a long time.  The work we put in will not pay off immediately, but lastingly.  To the degree that we can be committed to our next steps, and do them well and thoroughly, we will be working quickly.  If we try to skip things, there will be consequences.  That's how Saturn in its home sign works.  It's not brutal unless you can't face reality.  It's not harsh, unless you don't take responsibility.  

Stand in your integrity and wield your power.  Make the choices and priorities that reflect what you cherish and what you have learned.  For every part of your life that you value, there is a practice that reflects that value and will strengthen it.  If you love your body, treat it well.  If you want to show up in a way that serves, do the things that build your capacity and presence.  If you want to be a channel for beauty, justice and love, engage in the behaviors of someone who knows the value and power of both the channel and what moves through it.

Be a living prayer.  Make powerful intention your habit.  Step into the power of the tangible to create the sacred.  We are rebuilding the bridge, healing the artificial divide between our human lives and mystery.   Every action we take, habit we build and commitment that shapes our day is a real, factual, embodied piece of that bridge.