Love the Revelator

Full Moon in Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse, August 2017

This summer is working wild magic.  This summer will teach us grace.  It will teach us surrender.  It will teach us how to work with our fire.  Leo, attention lover that it is, commands extra this summer with two new moons and two eclipses, amplifying the themes the astrology is underlining.  With any work at all, we will come through this knowing ourselves better.

Fire can be difficult to work with.  It is not to be taken lightly, and it is to be treated with a healthy respect for just how much it can change what it touches.  But healthy respect and fear are two different things, especially when we are socialized to turn away from what we fear.  Turning our backs on our fire is just as dangerous as underestimating it or over-feeding it.  An untended fire can go out, leaving us cold.  An untended fire can get out of control, burning what we never wanted to burn.  It can smolder ineffectively, drawing the air around it while providing neither warmth nor light.

This Leo cycle, with its dramatic moves of spotlight stealing (in so many ways!), will reveal and hopefully change how we relate to our fire.  We will learn about our passion, our creativity, our anger, assertiveness, fierceness.  We will learn about the currency of attention- how we give it, receive it, ask for it, what we feed with it.  We will learn about how to work with what has absolutely no guarantee of control.

The Moon is full in Aquarius, the cool-headed, wild-card genius that sees patterns, notices how we fit together, calls in the vision.  It asks us to bridge between our own hearts and the big picture.  Venus in Cancer provides some sweetness and watery wisdom, and calls us into the tender space between us, to bring softness into love.  Sensitivity will help us to stay open on this moon of revelations.


What needs to be honored?

Ace of Keys, Rx

We would be lost without the fire inside us.  Without our shining, magical desire to do something with our life force.  We would be lost.  Under the auspices of Leo, we are invited to celebrate and honor our potential, drive and desire.  To appreciate and answer the call to unlock and explore.  

Many of us have been shamed or hurt for burning too bright, for being full of magic that can change the world.  For the wounded fire, the dampened fire, the unbeloved wild fire, honoring starts with clearing shame.  It begins with recognizing the disaster shame leaves in its wake, and rushing in with tenderness and acceptance, opening the way to be able to see our gifts for what they are.

Shame is the go-to for controlling what is wild in us.  We learn to expect it and to self-inflict it.  We begin to think of it as a safeguard.  To believe it is protecting us, keeping us in check.  We assume our natural state is undesirable, that nothing in us, ecosystems though we are, knows how to balance itself.  Every ecosystem knows how to heal, knows how to rectify imbalance, knows how to recuperate and return to health.  Shame is no sustainable safeguard.  It cannot be the thing to which we return to keep ourselves "on track."  It should not be how we guarantee that we will stay within the bounds of actual decency.  It is an indecent way to treat ourselves, in the long term not worth its cost.  

Something in you is so beautiful, so driven, so alive that it may feel well nigh unbearable.  But fire is not to be turned away from.  It is to be respected, honored, tended.  We would be lost without the fire within.  Make space for yours.  Give gratitude for yours.  Affirm its worth.  Clear shame from its channels.  Open to mature, whole-self, honoring ways of working with and balancing your fire.  Let the cool-headed perspective of the Aquarius moon put some things in context for you.  Meditate on the possibility of living in a network of fire-healthy humans, of being part of that web, that healing.  Create safety within yourself for the powerful potential within you.


What needs to be revealed?

The conductor

This moon the revelator shows us our wills.  It will show us how we use them, what they are driven by, any misalignments that put us at cross-purposes with ourselves.  The will works best when guided by the intuition and in alignment with the soul.  When we have been trained out of intuition, forgotten who we are or how to reach for that bigger truth of ourselves, damaged in our wills and sense of self, we get pulled out of alignment and the gift of our wills withers or goes astray.

Whatever difficulties we face now are perfect case studies for how we run into ourselves and waste our energy.  We are going to learn how we steer ourselves wrong.  All the ways we try to control, get tangled up in ego, envision specific outcomes from which we are unwilling to stray.  

Do not be fooled by your own stories of powerlessness.  There is as much ego in such tales as flaunts itself in self-aggrandizement.  A martyr is as controlling as a top boss.  There are sometimes subtle outcomes to which we are attached that fly under our radar.  Things like people having a certain vision of us, things like controlling intimacy at all times.  Things like avoiding responsibility in hidden ways.  We are not always steering and angling for external things. 

Turmoils and tensions will map these things for us if we are willing to look.  We can be warmed by the heat of Leo, zoom out with the  help of Aquarius, soften and love ourselves through it with the help of Venus in Cancer, and see these key ways we compromise our power.


What needs to be claimed?

Ten of keys, Rx

We are the ones who create beauty.  We are rich in nature, full of inspiration, deeply capable of connection.  We are abundance.  

We choose every day what we bring through, what energy we run, how we live.  We gate and we create.  

We clear our power so that we can wield it.  We claim its true nature: love unfolding, creation of strong lasting relationships.  When we remember that we hold within in us everything we hold sacred, we create from our sacredness.  We build everything out of what we believe of ourselves.  

Working the energies of this eclipse cycle, accepting what is revealed by this moon, honoring our fires, and claiming our own rich natures, we can become stronger in our ability to wield our power for love, beauty and justice.  Working in the day to day, owning the ways in which we create from ourselves in every small way, we work the muscles of our creative power so that they can be strong for bigger endeavors.  We claim ourselves and we step into the source and richness that feeds generosity, honesty, presence.  We become comfortable and formidable in our ability to show up with fierce, clear love.

We are the big hearts, starry eyes, hands full of gifts, becoming more of who we are.