The Fruits of Our Healing

New Moon in Leo, July 2017

This is the first of two successive Leo New Moons this summer.  This one ushers in the full solar eclipse that occurs on the second Leo New Moon on August 21st.  There is fuel and to spare for whatever we put our energy towards, especially those things that help us to understand who we are.  This first new moon is given extra energy by joining the Sun and Mars at the first degrees of Leo, kicking off the time of shining big, being bright, reveling in the self.

Leo rules the heart.  It is generous, courageous, enthusiastic about being alive.  We will need our generosity, courage and enthusiasm to work with the level of intensity that is up right now.  We will need them to keep us on course, so that we don't get rattled by that combination of Sun, Moon and Mars, who together work a special magic about the overlap of who we think we are, how we feel/experience life and make ourselves at home, and what we are driven to protect and fight for.  Could be a mess of reactionary drama if our egos will not listen to our guts, if we cannot work with our emotions in healthy ways.  We could find ourselves in emotional power struggles trying to protect parts of ourselves that aren't the best parts anyway, as though our lives depended on it, with a flair that expresses our insecurities instead of our bravery.

Or we could bring new levels of courage and emotional intelligence to becoming more of who we are, flair and fire helping us to shine bright with ease.

The last several years have seen a couple series of squares (Pluto/Uranus and Neptune/Saturn) that have shifted the ground we stand on, dissolved outdated systems, highlighted the structures of our wounding and exposed illusions.  On a personal level, it is time for us to start living from what is new, healed or cleared in ourselves.  It is time to start building the new terrain.


The Gift-  The Fool, Rx

Hopeful hearts will take us places.  If we give them any leeway at all, they will look for adventure and find it.  They will try things our minds will shy from, they will walk out to meet life.  Life has a rich sweetness for such travelers at this time.  There is support for steps taken from the threshold of the heart.  

Adventures come in many forms.  Journeys can be subtle things. We can be stuck while moving fast or experience deep change while appearing to be stuck.  This moon is inviting us to give our deepest, truest selves room to move, to let them lead us in our evolution.  

It can be hard to distinguish between Self, Identity and Ego.  Identity and ego are precious, necessary things, when put in service to the true self, but neither is the core fire that makes us who we are. This Leo season is going to teach us the difference, show us the price we pay for coddling confusion, and offer beautiful rewards to every way in which we honor and live in our true natures.

This is a moment of new beginnings, first brave steps, embracing the unknown and the adventure of becoming.



The Tools-  The Hermit

Right now we need to have a sense of continuity, even as we are being invited to build new eras.  We need to be able to look back at where we've been and see the path, so that we can learn from where we've been, and be reminded that the path continues on before us, no matter how little we know of it.  We have been on journeys.  New ones are calling us.  

We are on the path and we lean into movement, lean into change.  We are on the path and we see distractions and ego trips for what they are, and leave them at the side of the road where they belong.  Because we know we are on the path, we submit to the lessons and gifts before us.  We accept the unknown and keep ourselves on track. 

When the way seems hard or unclear, keep perspective.  See your journeys leading into each other.  Remember how far you have come, how much you have learned, how qualified you are to call in the future.  You are qualified because you are here now.  Because you have survived, safe-guarded your ability to thrive.  Because you carry your ancestors in your bones.  You are qualified because of the work you have done and the work you will do.  You have a true heart inside you and the incredible ability to heal.  You have a compass in your wise guts that no amount of colonialism can ever truly steal.

You are on the path, and it will remind you, time and again, how to move along it.


The Challenge-  Nine of Bones

Can you let your healing bear fruit?

It is dangerous to underestimate wounding.  It is equally dangerous to underestimate healing.  

The former can have us compounding patterns, internalizing oppressive bullshit, wounding those we love.  The latter can leave us addicted to being wounded, stuck in "healing" loops, avoiding responsibility for the power we have to make things different.

We need to let our work bear fruit.  We need to allow our healing to heal us.  We need to face the fears and attachments that keep us wedded to our trauma and allow ourselves the new experiences that come from letting our changes change us.

Change happens the way it happens, not the way we think it should.  It has seasons, rhythms, cycles.  Just like anything in this universe run by nature.  If we are holding out for some totality, we miss steps.  If we refuse the progress we have made just because there is more to make, we will never call in the new patterns, never experience the strengthening of our wellness, never fully integrate the gifts of our courage.

This season of new chapters of the self is challenging us to get the goods from our healing.  To accept the results of the work we have done and build from that foundation.  To be fed by our wholeness, to revel in the new strengths and true self we have uncovered by facing our trauma and calling in healing.  To let the parts of ourselves that have been liberated come to the fore.  To be nourished by all our many cycles and seasons of change.  To thrive.