The Core Fire

Full Moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse, February 2017

Apologies for no post on the New Moon.  I got sick.  But I was full of good things to say, if you can imagine.

This lunar cycle is one that sets themes.  It evokes things that are crucial pieces of the puzzle of our healing right now.  The Lunar Eclipse offers its special punctuation, acceleration and potency to these themes.  Lion hearted we must be.  Smart wizards of chaos we must become.  These two must be one.  The lovingest, wildest visionaries.  The smartest hearts.  This eclipse occurs in Leo, with the Sun in Aquarius.  This axis is a powerful one, full of resonance for the questions before us and the best ways to address them.

Our hearts and our heads.  Our oneness and our selves.  Our ability to distance and our ability to lean in. Our need to see ourselves in the struggles in which we engage.  Our need to be seen for our offerings, our value, our courage.  Our ability to see how all our identities and actions affect each other.  Every puzzle before us comes back to these things.  

Leo is the heart, the sun, the self, the shine of joy.  Aquarius is the cool distance, the context, the pattern-worker.

Distance can give us the ability to see clearly, contextualize, notice patterns, notice ourselves, question our assumptions.  It can also lead us into becoming enamored with semantics, equations, theory and abstractions when what may be needed is presence.  It can lead us to mistake emotional detachment for clarity.  Being fully situated- the call of Leo- can help us be present, engaged, fully in our experiences, heart-centered, creative, energetic and emotional.  It can also keep us from noticing the struggles of others, or make us feel like our identities are being challenged when actually our assumptions or conditioning are in question.

We need each other, very much, always and especially right now.  We need our genius and our hearts.  We need to find ways to use tools of perspective and presence wisely, in ways that help us challenge ourselves and each other with love, in ways that help us own our responsibility for healing the old shit and bringing in the new.  We need to use the brainy, cool genius of Aquarius heartfully.  We need to find ways to bring our hearts, heal our egos and awaken humble, courageous genius.


Three of Keys, Rx

Healing does not happen over night.  It does not happen without intention, vulnerability, courage.  It needs good ingredients and the right conditions in order to provide something that will hold up over time.

The Collective Tarot, art by Lori Lawrence

These are the things we need to consider:  Our energy is precious.  The more so when there is so much that could draw it without giving back.  The more so when we need each other so badly.  The more so when we are scared or hurt.  Our gifts are needed and deserve to be offered in a way that honors the source that feeds us.  This is a labor of love.

We need to ask ourselves, constantly, to be thorough, to consider how we can be nurtured by our work, how our energy can bring abundance.  Now and later.  We need to check what we're working with and mind our processes, procedures and protocols.  Collectively, we are working to heal from a legacy that was made with dubious ingredients and bad process.  We are weaving the legacy we are going to leave behind.

We are creating the future.  We are the wave.  How we handle our personal integrity plays a huge part in what we offer out.  Our work is enriched by the love we bring.  Our internal commitment to minding the details of how we do what we do is crucial.  We cannot wait until we're perfect to take the risk of stepping forward, but neither can afford to be careless in our ways and means.  Everything we weave in now will continue to show itself as our work and healing evolves.  

How can you use your energy in a way that nourishes you?  How will the way you are using it now nourish you in the future?  What are you working with?  Is it equal to the results you hope to achieve?  Are you working in a way that increases what you have to offer and share, or diminishes it?


Seven of Bones

There are very few of us who do not carry, to some degree, the pattern for potential rewounding, who do not carry some trace of the sickness that threatens the sacred.  Most of us have some part of the key to our undoing.

The Collective Tarot, art by Annie Murphy

In order to survive, we have tangled our strength in with the disease.  In different ways, to different degrees, with different amounts of privilege, validation, recognition, or safety, but we have done it.

Our personal power has been shaped, stolen, diminished, or defined by colonization and domination.  We need to take it back.  We need to discover what our power means outside of those values and stories.  We need to heal the pieces of the collective wounding we carry.  Oppression can not be healed if we keep it alive in ourselves.  Disconnection from the sacred cannot be healed if we cannot connect.

We need to clear the lines within ourselves through which we run our energy.  So that we don't amplify, in our urgency, more of that same hurt we are trying to free ourselves from. So that we can show up.  So that we can see each other.  So that those of us who have been oppressed can step forward and lead.  So that those of us with privilege can learn a right sized way to stand in actual solidarity. So that we can work all the intersections we hold. 

We heal so that all of us can call forward and leverage a strength that is defined by its connection to the sacred, shaped by self-knowing, shared with humility, in alignment with everything that nurtures us, deeply committed to healing.  


Two of Keys, Rx

Who are you?  How do you know?

We need to re-member.  We need to be woke to ourselves.  We need to do deep identity work.  This is not separate from the collective work we need to do together.  It is in service to that work.  We need to start having a sense of ourselves as separate from the definitions society hands us.  Not so as to avoid responsibility for how we participate in those definitions, but so as to have something to be grounded in so that the loss of those definitions will not be so scary.  Self-knowing is an investment in openness, surrender, humility.  It is the antidote to defensiveness, dehumanization, and shut down.  It is the key to showing up joyfully.

The Collective Tarot, art by Lori Lawrence

This moon is for deep identity work.  The gift of Leo is the self-curiosity necessary to do it.  The gift of Aquarius is context.  We can use the energy of Aquarius to help us understand how our identities shape what we bring to the collective experience.  We can use the energy of Leo to help us in being fully situated in ourselves and our experiences, to understand how the whole affects the self, how we integrate what is bigger than us into our sense of who we are.

This is a necessary and beautiful offering.  It can make the work we need to do together more graceful, more loving, more clear.  We can find ways to hold fast to compassion without relinquishing dedication to honesty and accountability.  Self-worth that is dependent on the domination of others is fragile.  Self-knowing that is dependent on never getting challenged is limited in what it can know.  A sense of self that is tied up in all the ways that we can be hurt or under-valued or endangered has to fight to know its own power.  

If we are going to heal together, if we are going to fight for justice for all beings, we are going to have to look closely at every piece of how we carry the pattern of wounding.  We are going to need to repair our relationships, and rebalance them.  We are going to need to restore honor in all our engagements.  We are going to have to learn a sense of honor that can hear when we are fucking up, that accepts challenge as a gift.  

We cannot do this with out self love.  We cannot do this if the only way we know who we are is tied in with what we are trying to dismantle.  We will be more likely to bring our creativity, our hearts, our passion and generosity if our sense of self worth is based in our ability to heal, grow and understand our unique offering.

Who are you?  Who are you really and how do you know?  

Leo calls us to unlock the deeper sense of self that we can anchor to through big change, that goes beyond what our conditioning tells us is safe or valid.  It calls us to tend the core fire that is the real glory of who we are, that can light up our gifts and help us to bring the force of our tender-loving hearts, bringing flair and presence to all our good, hard work and smart visions.