The Power of Belonging


Full Moon in Cancer, January 2018

This is a powerful, deeply loving moon.  This is a moon to come home to.  A moon to build home with.  Whatever we build, this is still our home.  We are tied to this planet.  However wounded and confused we get, the road to healing still starts with home. 

This moon comes at the turning of the calendar with the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn.  All that Capricorn is focused on effective action.  The moon in Cancer asks us how we will serve what we love.  How we will be wise, feeling, tender.  It will remind us of the love that connects us, of what feeds and soothes and brings joy to our hearts.  It will help us to focus the desire to step into our power and put it in to action.  It will keep us centered in the heart.

This is the year we need to build the skills we are lacking.  This is the year we need to buckle down.  Not in ways patriarchy tells us.  In the ways that center love, truth and integrity.  In the ways the hone emotional intelligence, strengthen our bodies and the song they sing with the Earth.  In the ways that make us more whole, that reorient us and call back all the parts of us that have been scattered in pursuit of what will not heal.  Lessons into practices.  Values into behaviors.  Love into action.  Power into service.

It will look many ways.  It will challenge your notions of purity and rightness.  It will blend the linear and the fluid with outrageous disregard for your conditioning.  It will require trust and humility.  It will be work where you hope for grandeur, visibility where you hope for privacy, silence when you need applause.  Saturn in Capricorn will work on.  Love will continue to call us.  Commitment will continue to demand our follow-through.  There comes a point in every cycle of growth and crisis that demands dedicated action, at which the situation will not move until we decide we have the power to do something, to make choices, to engage the power inside us.  We cannot sit in baffled horror for ever.  We cannot sit in sorrow, or fear, or disillusionment or overwhelm indefinitely.  At some point we must practice, exercise, write, step up, get competently fierce, eat well, fight back, start gardens, drink water, reach out.  At some point we have to decide that we belong here, in our lives, at home in them, which is as much about having the right to fight and work for what we love as it is a sense of comfort and being held.

Home is in claiming yourself as belonging.  It is in presence.  It is in looking at what is closest to you, what you carry inside you, what you yearn for and come from.  No matter the mess.  No matter the pain.  No matter the rejection and fear.  When you claim yourself, what you carry, and your relentless heart that keeps longing regardless, you are home.

We will not heal without claiming ourselves.  We will not heal our personal stories and wounds without claiming our lives and our right to be at home in them.   We will not heal the water, the land, our economies, and our systems, without work of the heart.  Without the vulnerable courage of belonging to what we wish to serve.  We can not wait to have our belonging proven to us.  It is a power we need to step into for ourselves.  With the power of our hearts, claim what is ours to heal.  Wield the power to do so.  Step forward because we have the love and the ability.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about responsibility.  It is about honor and how we behave towards what we honor.  It is about home.  Cancer is the archetypal sign of Home.  It is about emotion, our roots, the feeling of belonging, the yearning, the unconditional love.  The deep sensitivity that makes nurturing richly possible.  But Capricorn is about home too, in a different way.  Everything it builds is dependent on home.  Capricorn is about what we manifest, what we build out of what we have inside us.  We can do little if we don't claim this lifetime.  The integrity that Capricorn craves will be absent if we are not manifesting out of a sense of deeply rooted love.  All the power we apply is empty or dangerous without it.

We belong to the oceans.  We belong to the trees.  We belong to the rivers.  We belong to our ancestors, and to our descendants.  We belong to web that connects us and to the wounds that tear it.  We belong to each other.  To our creativity.  To our passion.  To the spirit that moves through us.  To our pain and our love.  We can heal what we belong to.  That is the power of belonging.

May we turn the calendar deeply committed to stay with what we belong to.  May we reach for what we can that needs the love we have to give.  May we stay to see past all the mindfucks that have confused us in the past.  May we stand in clarity of heart, rooted in our power, faithful to our spirits, unshakeable in our tenderness, ferocious in our dedication, humble in our courage, bravely and skillfully owning our ability and responsibility to build from our belonging, to manifest health for our home(s).