the heart of faith


new moon in sagittarius, december, 2017

This is an unusually introspective New Moon in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is expansive, outward seeking and growing, reaching for the horizon.  With Saturn wrapping up its time here, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, and the proximity to the Winter Solstice, there is an inward bent.  This is a journey to the broad horizons within us, to the fire within, into the realms inside of us that send us seeking and keep us believing.

Saturn is about to leave Sagittarius.  For 29ish years.  We will not, for the next few decades, be in this unique position for lessons about the consequences of our driving beliefs, our faith or lack thereof, and what sends us questing.  This moon is a chance for these lessons to settle into our bones.  A chance for us to stand here at all these thresholds and align ourselves with what we believe in.

These last three years have taught us a thing or two.  About the cost of cynicism.  About the importance of living up to our philosophies.  About what happens when we never challenge the familiarity of our world views. 

Sagittarius can swing back and forth between hope and cynicism, and between nobility and martyrdom.  Knowing what we are putting into our actions can make the difference.  Choosing to commit to being a living expression of what we believe in keeps us walking in our power.  Faith is not transactional.  It is the fire of moving ahead without guarantees.  It is the song of that courage.  It is the commitment to bring your piece and walk your walk regardless.  When we are doing that, we may get hurt.  We may not get reassurance.  We may not get certainty or protection.  We can count only on ourselves and our commitment.  But it does not put us in isolation.  It connects us to, rather than severs us from, what is bigger than us.

Here on the cusp of winter, inside is where the action is.  Inside our hearts and psyches.  The success of our outward endeavors is dependent on the fire within.  The integrity of what we shine out into the world is defined by how well we tend our inner galaxies.  This moon, with help from Saturn and Mercury, gives us a chance to review.  A chance to study and integrate.  An opportunity to look at the themes and challenges of the last few years with an eye to deeper understanding of heartfire, faith and belief.  What have you learned about faith?  What have you learned about what it requires of you, what it costs, what it costs to not have it?  Take in the details, review the events, tally your lessons, name your take aways.  Make the commitments you need to make.  

Then go deeper.

We are just a few days from the longest night.  The deepest deep.  The quiet that pulls us into the very belly of silence where we can hear our own heartbeats.  Take a moment, before rushing to welcome back the light, to truly lean into the dark.  This is our chance to see clearly what is alive in us.  What piece of the sacred we carry.  To be enveloped in the quiet of winter, to truly hear ourselves.  There is something bigger than the specificity of how we understand our gifts and flaws.  Something deeper than the ways in which we wish we never fucked up or never got hurt.  We must have the courage and compassion to listen past all that.  Not because there is no truth in those things.  There is.  But if we stop there, we will never hear that bigger thing, the thing that lights us, that keeps us going, that makes us coherent, that weaves together our parts into something that makes sense. 

Tend what is sacred inside of you.  That is the first and only guarantee you can personally have that the sacred will continue to walk in the world.  It is the only gate you can control.  Faith.  Faith in your efforts to keep that line open.  Faith that your striving is worth something, however intangible.  Faith that keeping your heartbeat in time with the joy of your spirit is a worthy gift to the world.


Sweetness in the dark and deep dreaming to you!