birthdeath dance


New Moon in Scorpio, November 2017

I will be back to pulling cards again soon, I think.  Lately, it has been stifling my flow, so I have been writing from the gut, but still with input from the spirits.  

This is a power moon.  A stirring from the core, birth/death, raw power moon.  It is an opportunity for those who can look, unblinking, into the deep, who can face down their fears, expose themselves and release what no longer serves.  For those who can stand in the hot mess of revelations and realizations.  Scorpio is for magic.  Scorpio is about power.  Scorpio looks at what is bigger and more absolute than we are and wants to play.

At this moment, we are living in the seamlessness between birth and death.  Everything is happening at once.  Things are on their way out and other things are on their way in.  It can be hard to tell what is what.

Without succumbing to the desire to flatten nuance, the best way through this time is to track which things are moving in which directions, so that we can form powerful intentions and take right actions in the multi-directional flows.  Know for yourself when you are releasing and when you are calling in.  Know what, and how, so that your energy and intention will be in alignment.  This is a season of power.  Not just exploring it, but wielding it.  Anything we do will get a boost, including our messes, so it behooves us to pay attention to what we are doing.

This is the first New Moon in Scorpio during Jupiter's travels through the sign (there will be one other at the very end of Jupiter's time in Scorpio, next fall).  It marks a time when we can invoke, on a deep and powerful level, the opportunities that come with this placement of Jupiter.  This is a time when we can transform things we thought were stuck.  This is a time when we can rebirth ourselves.  The transformative power of Scorpio is enormous, and Jupiter amplifies and expands whatever it touches.  The new moon is a time for visioning, setting intentions, planting seeds.  How differently will you do it in this time that stirs up every old pain and ugly secret, but also opens the door to their death and healing?  Mars and Pluto are squaring off as the moon turns, calling us to courage and action in the face of the deepest hurt and oldest mysteries.

Intention setting is not a new-agey air-kiss.  It is an act of power.  It requires clarity, stamina, courage.  It requires a willingness to look at, talk about, and hold with love all the things we fear about ourselves.  It will not work without honesty.  It will not work if we ignore our mess.  This is what this season demands, and also what it rewards.  There is not a lot of choice about things coming to the surface.  They just are.  They just will.  That is the magic of this time, painful though it can be.  If we are wise, we will embrace it.  Help it happen.  Go digging ourselves.  If we are wise, we will receive with grace what comes forward.  Take it all as a map to our healing, transformation and power.  Let every instance of pain show us where we need more love, attention, intention and care.  Where we need more honesty and action.

If we can't see our stumbling blocks, it is impossible to imagine ourselves without them.

Setting intentions is an act of power.  Invoking change into our lives is part grand vision, part realism.  The realism calls us to deal with our shit.  Dealing with our shit is the only way we can make room for something new.  The grand vision keeps us from wallowing, from getting addicted to our shit, shuffling it around ineffectually and pretending to be victims.  It invites in the mystery.

Birth and Death are dancing now.  They are weaving in and out of each other's terrain, mixing their magic, singing in harmony- you need me, you need me, you need me, surrender and be transformed...  What do you want to change?  What is your vision?  Who would you be with your wounds transformed?  Invoke from a place of knowing yourself and inviting in mystery.  Invoke knowing what work you have to do.  The universe loves a willing collaborator.  You will need to let go and call in.  You will have to clean house.  You will have to open to receiving.  You will have to take actions that break and make patterns.

My intention is to heal.  My intention is to serve love.  My intention is to heal how I carry racism and patriarchy within me.  My intention is to put my gifts in service to the healing of all.  My intention is to own my power.  My intention is to thrive.  My intention is union with mystery.  My intention is to heal x, y and z old patterns.  My intention is to work with abundance and beauty in all that I do.  My intention is to honor my descendants and heal with my ancestors.

We set powerful intentions.  In relationships, in service to justice, to align ourselves with our passions, to live our dreams.  To change our deeply personal patterns and our shared ones.  Birth and Death.  Facing what is so we can change what will be.