Bright Enough to See


Full Moon in Aries

This moon is a challenger.  It is direct and action-oriented, but not simple or superficial.  It brings with it a call for depth, a willingness to look directly in the face of what is hard to look at.  It brings the demand that we stand in the full power of our individuality, but not for our individuality.  It demands that we offer ourselves to what we need to heal and build together.

This is the mandate for our warrior hearts:  Heal.  Bring your fierceness, your uniqueness to the job.  Put it in service and never lose sight of the real goal.  Know what you are fighting for, healing for, loving for, digging for.  Let it be truth.  Let it be the greatest possible healing.  Let it be for the turning of the tide.  The restoring of balance and the transformation of a legacy of trauma into unshakeable wisdom.  The protection of the sacred.

It is easy to get caught up the lies and illusions that surround us.  Easy to lose ourselves, or get sidetracked by easy answers in pretty branding.  It is easy to freeze in fear, stroke our egos, feed the world to a fragile sense of self.

The Full Moon is part of a configuration between Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.  It will bring to light healing that needs to happen between how we individuate, how we partner, and what we are manifesting into the world.  It will show us how we are wounded in a sense of self, how our relationships with ourselves and others fit into what we are all building together.  It will excavate wounds and hidden powers that are part of how we each bring a piece of the healing.


Mentor of Keys


These days, we can "connect" with an alarming and consistent immediacy.  We are plugged into some sort of shared thought space most of the time.  It is easy to get caught in the pitfalls of both Aries, who becomes fixated on itself and its uniqueness, and Libra, who loses itself in others.  Easy to reach for the instant gratification of connection without doing the work of actually understanding how we fit together.  

The ways we are woven in are important.  They are crucial and sacred.  The deep knowing that we are each one piece of these larger eco-systems is the home-coming we are craving.  Dominant culture turns natural processes on their heads.  It feeds everything into the farce of individuality.  Resources get redirected in ways that center humans, whiteness, toxic masculinity.  As though everything in the world must serve and reference those things, when in fact, our humanity (and all the constructs we make up about it) is one tiny piece of the life story of the Earth, who is one tiny piece of the dance of the stars.

We can learn to be ourselves, live our lives, and own our power, without needing to be the center of the universe.  We can, and we need to.  We need to put ourselves in perspective, without losing any pieces of ourselves and our healing.  This moon has some revelations up its sleeve.  It can show us how to lean in to what is bigger than us.  It can give us perspective that can clarify and liberate if we are willing to see.  We are both more and less than we think.  If we are brave and put our emotional intelligence to work, we can free ourselves of key pieces of confusion about the relative importance of what we bring to life.



We are still in the harvest.  We need to take stock.  We need to sort and name, seek and speak truths.  There are ways of doing this that are balanced and loving.  There are ways to do this that don't feed cycles of trauma, judgment or blame.  Even when there are wrongs to be addressed.  Even when there is pain to be felt and witnessed.  There are non-punitive ways we can show up with honesty.

Know what you are fighting for, healing for, loving for, digging for.  Let it be truth.  Let it be the greatest possible healing.


Many things are true at once.  There are many layers, and each is precious.  Each is part of the way we can put ourselves back together.  Things that are true do not negate each other.  They do not erase each other.  We have to learn how to hold truth, never losing sight of what we want it for, in the same way we are learning to hold our place in the scheme of things.  With the same wisdom of how we are large and small.  We have to learn how to step back and step forward, to shift the balance of which truths are centered and valued, to call attention where none has been given, to center the quest for healing above comfort or popularity.

If we are truly seeking healing and restoration, we will not turn away from pieces of the truth that can provide it.  We will look with equal dedication at anything that can increase our presence and understanding.  We will face our discomfort with pain and our discomfort with our gifts with equal courage.  We will face our mistakes and our successes with equal grace.  Our complicity and our innocence.  We will put our ability to name, speak, declare, seek, and question always in service to freeing the flows of life and love.


The Sun, Rx


We are not meant to get lost in the swirl of urgency around us.  We are meant to find ourselves in it, make sense of it through self-understanding, make sense of ourselves through looking at what is bigger.  This healing is symbiotic.  It can be seamlessly so.  It requires that we be centered in ourselves, become more fully ourselves.  It is a fragile sense of self that needs to eat the world to feel real.  It is a confused sense of self that alternately self-aggrandizes and self-deprecates.  It is an injured sense of self that can only center its own reality.

We are smart enough to step into nuance.  Clever enough to evolve past our arbitrary and self-inflicted designations.  We can become more of who we are so that our egos become right-sized.  We can get more humble so that we can offer more to the world.  We can face our power as individuals even as we learn to dance within what is so much bigger than we are.

There may be lessons from the eclipse that are still coming to fruition.  Things that are coming clear.  Things that the perspective of a little distance can enhance.  Practice standing in center. 

What if you were big enough for the challenges before you?  Shiny enough to warm your way through?  Bright enough to see into whatever craves your understanding?