What We Build From the Deeps


Samhain/Full Moon in Taurus, November 2017

This year Samhain is outdoing itself.  This year the pressure is greater, the veil thinner, the call louder, the depths deeper.  This year.  It will remake us.  It will heal the unhealable.  It will call up our power, shake us to our cores, reach down into our guts and pull out what blocks us.

If we let it. 

It could also be the year we settle deeper into our ruts, revisit wounding in a way that sets in the stain.  This much Scorpio could go either way. 

Jupiter amplifies whatever is there, indiscriminately.  Opportunities and grand illusions, adventurous spirit and arrogance.  This is a call to forge ahead into our power and healing.  To be bold but not arrogant, to move forward as though anything is possible, but without taking anything for granted.

Our need for ancestral healing has reached a fever pitch.  Our ancestral healing is the gift that washes forward into the future, a wave of love we will send to those who follow.  Everywhere we turn, we face the wounding that is our inheritance.  Everywhere we turn.  Amplified now to an even greater degree by Jupiter in Scorpio.  Amplified through every act of racism, every farce of false leadership, every fearful grandstanding of those who can't see themselves without this system, who don't know who they are if they are not their privilege or their fear.

Samhain is the new year.  It is the turning, the end that is the beginning.  It teaches us about allowing what is new to come through dealing with what needs to go.  No birth without death.  No fresh starts without release.  Colonialism is terrified of death.  Wary of natural rhythms.  Fearful of mystery.  We are walking around in its wreckage.  We are haunted by every deed that has never been fully faced and accounted for.  Every act of dishonor and disconnect that has never been owned so that the pain can be transformed and laid to rest.  No birth without death.  These things have to be healed and released.  

When we open to mystery, we call forward the antidote.  When we face our place in the lines of wounding, we invite change.  When we are willing to let things go, we come into alignment.  

Whatever is hidden under the surface has power. Nothing inside of us ever stops needing what it needs. Hidden agendas can rule us. It is only through total honesty, through the willingness and stamina it takes to know ourselves fully that we can bring all our parts into alignment in service to our healing. When we acknowledge our hidden agendas, we can address them in responsible ways. Shame is next to useless in the pursuit of healing. It gives us no lasting incentive for the loving and relentless honesty it takes.

Samhain can hold us through the sometimes fraught process of becoming honest. The dark is where we send our exiled parts, where they are held with love while they wait for us to be ready for them. The dark is where we come home. People like to equate their faults with darkness, but it is more complicated and more neutral than that. We exile what we fear and what we cannot protect. Any number of things that could not reasonably be called “faults” can fall in those categories. We are human.  Our humanity is a complex thing that Original Sin and other stories can get no where near explaining.


The full moon in Taurus steadies the intensity. Not to counter-balance so much as to make it manageable for us to lean into it. Taurus builds. It makes real. It finds the beauty and the peace. No death without birth. The moon is calling us to bring the change into our lives. To make real our transformation. To find the Beautiful every day in the course of deep work and digging up what pains us. To come into being and build ourselves out of the power we unearth.

It matters not only how much we can dig, but what we do with what we find. It matters not only that we can surrender to intensity when our healing calls us, but that we can be practical with our energy and committed to building what follows. We need to dance with both these energies. In our love of beauty and desire for a peaceful life, we need to find the fierceness to protect what is sacred. In our ferocity, curiosity and drive, we need to remember always what it is we are honoring with our fierceness. Even as we are deathing what stands in our way, we need to birth what we are longing for.  No death without birth.

Call your ancestors to heal with you. Face all the things you have hidden, the wounds you carry and have carried forward. Learn your place in the cycles and systems that hurt. Be relentlessly honest. At the same time, birth yourself. We heal to thrive. For the thriving of our descendants. To come back into alignment. To let the richness of our true natures come forward. We are here now, between ancestors and descendants. We need to craft our gifts for those who come after us. We need to leave them something of ourselves, of our incomparable beauty.  Healing is but the first gift.