love to the tempest


New Moon in Libra, October 2017

Libra would like to soften into connection, to dream together, to tend and create from the beauty of the space between us.  What a relief for our hearts if we could relax into partnership.  But the things that keep us separate loom large, and it is not responsible to minimize the pain.  We must learn to reach for each other anyway.  We must learn to stay when it is stormy, to bring the love to the tempest.  

This is a time that digs deep.  Showing us what's underneath the soil.  The sweet spot of the Libra moon is set against the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio and directly opposing the last hurrahs of Uranus in Aries.  Jupiter in Scorpio amplifies the underbellies, Uranus in Aries is individualistic and disruptive.  The sweet spot may not feel so sweet, but finding a way to authentically bring it will be welcome and needed.  We can hold so much more when we can always find the pulse of love.

We can hold so much more when we remember what we mean to each other.

This moon ushers in the season of Samhain.  The descent into the dark, the period of release, surrender and restoration.  It comes just before Scorpio season, with all the depth and intensity of the cycles of death and rebirth.  To have this New Moon, this beginning of one cycle (the lunar) overlapping with the end of another (the Sun's time in Libra, last vestiges of the warm months disappearing into the deeps of fall), gives us a moment in which we can affirm our connections, a moment in which we can touch what we are creating together, in which we can set the tone for the next season's work.  Even with the tension with our individual needs.  Even with the invitation and desire to shake things up.  We can hold the complexity if we remember what we mean to each other.  


The gift- seeker of bones


There are threads of magic moving through everything, if only we can find them.  They are secret, they are obvious.  Some are disguised, some wear their shine proudly.  They move like mycelium between everything on the Earth.  

If we stay in our senses, we can find them.  If we agree to stay present with ourselves and the world, we can find them.  There is plenty of incentive not to.  There are traumas and distractions, deceptions and wrong directions.  If we let our feelers be curious, if we choose to dig and search, we will find as much gold as shit.  Jupiter in Scorpio thinks its an adventure to go digging.  Jupiter in Scorpio brings a relentless curiosity not only to what is hidden, but how things can be transformed.  It brings a playfulness to the search.  If we can keep the love in the mix, this playfulness can heal us, beckon us with brazen hearts into territories we thought we had to fear.  

Scorpio seeks a deep intimacy with being alive.  This drive gets obscured by wounding, distorted through conditioning, but the heartbeat is the same.  There are opportunities here for the fullest expressions of that desire for intimacy, for new levels of transformative nurturing, for a surrender to our need to make meaning in the face of so many absolutes.

There are secret and obvious beacons of healing and change if we look.  How we touch things will transform them.  What seems like a gaping wound may be a source of power and inspiration.  What seems like a fight may be an opportunity to clear what blocks connection.  What seems like a dead end may be an invitation to pause, or a protection or a different kind of sign post.  If we touch these things, stay with them, ask questions, look deeper, we will reveal the transformations.  We can find what we are looking for, or at least traces of it, leading us closer in proportion to our courage.


the tools- ten of feathers


The chaotic, disruptive energies are on our side, if we can work with them.  There is a chance for greater authenticity here.  If the wings we patched together stop working, its because it's time to use something else.  Our natural wings, our innate abilities, our truest expressions.  We are being given a map.  Through every shitstorm, every upheaval, every scuffle and shuffle and explosion.  We have a map to healing that becomes more detailed every day.  A map to freedom, justice, and vision.  

We need to stay open and learn from what we see.

We need to willingly let go of what doesn't work for us.

We need to use our tools for release, for ego-death, for mental health, surrender and renewal.  It would be not unreasonable to look at the map being revealed and think that we are doomed, at whatever scale we seek to see.  It would not be unreasonable to become overwhelmed.  This is a good time to ask ourselves about our tools for overwhelm.  A good time to notice which ones don't actually help us and let those tools go.  We are going to shed what needs to go, or go down with it when we try to cling.  


the challenge- seven of keys

This is a time for activation.  For clear and outward expressions of the fierceness of our love.  This is the time to speak up and come forward.  This is the time to light our own ways, to bring with us the stamina and energy we need to create change.  This is a time to meet ourselves everywhere we turn with an unrelenting demand that we honor what is precious to us, that we honor our interdependence, that we work for justice and healing.  

How many areas of your life could have been transformed sooner had you spoken up?  How much of our shared mess could we have already have healed?


Passion can be an unwieldy thing.  But so can inaction.  

We need to become skillful at wielding our power, we need to learn to do it better, to realign it.  But we need to do it.  We need each other, present and ready to bring the gift of our fires.  The gift of our love, the gift of our anger, the gift of our inspiration, drive and courage to face what scares us about ourselves and each other.

We can grasp at what makes us comfortable, but we will be missing the boat.  Or we can grab our courage by the braids and join this opportunity for accelerated evolution.  We will have to join the disruptions if we want to co-create change.  Change will happen anyway, of course, but we will feel better if we step in with it.  It will reflect whatever we bring to it.  If we bring love to the tempest, we change its nature.  If we are beacons of transformation, we add healing to the storms.  

Stand in your clarity.  Root into your love.  Examine all the many layers of motive that shape your actions.  Reveal to yourself your own hidden agendas soyou can act from a place of integrity.  These are the things that will make your words and actions burn clean.  Find ways to step forward.  Look at your hesitations as part of the map that is being revealed. Look at the ways you mess your fierceness if hesitation isn't one of your stumbling blocks.  Think about your authentic tools.  Your authentic voice is needed.  Your unique expression, the jewel of your passion for what is sacred to you is needed.  The depth of love that will push you past comfort or fear is being called for.