The Teachings of Our Tenderness

Full Moon in Cancer, January 2017

These tides of feelings, these tides of change.  We are on a threshold, but it's not clear what kind it is.  We all feel it.  We are all, to some degree, activated.  These times are no joke.  But we can't let the stress of them run away with us.  We can't give up before we've begun.  We are the wave.  

The Full Moon in Cancer teaches us about tenderness.  About vulnerability.  About just how deeply we need to be seen, held, at home.  It slips its light past the guards on our hearts, sliding silvery into our sensitivities.  It teaches us about reality.  Because feelings are part of our lives.  Because they have a power we sometimes pretend not to acknowledge.  Because we are only as good as our emotional intelligence.  Because, like it or not, emotions are part of how we make decisions, process information, receive information, experience our lives.  The Sun in Capricorn could want us to clamp down on reason, or it could be wise, and take stock of the watery truths of Cancer and how they shape our reality.

We have a chance to heal, if we can be strategic and sensitive, tender and committed.  If we can play the long game that increases in wisdom, care, and emotional intelligence with every move we make.

The astrology for this moon is wily, tense, gifted.  The moon, however briefly, activates a Cardinal Grand Cross between the moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries.  This is a potent and unpredictable mix.  We can do nothing but stay brave, stay sensitive, stay grounded.  We are being shown the web of connection and consequences through the tensions of this astrology.  We can make bold, individualized moves for authenticity, but we cannot escape our interdependence.  We can want to systematically approach or hide from our healing, but we cannot escape that our systems never stop trying to communicate with us, and sometimes there is no stemming the tide of feelings.  We can feel overwhelmed by our own and others' emotions, but there is no denying our power.  We can feel trapped in fear, but the world will insist on being beautiful and full of promise.

To stand in the center of this is our task.  This moon asks us to feel all of this.  To feel the fullness of our feelings and treat them with tenderness and respect.  Be sweet to yourselves, beauties.


What needs to be claimed?-  The Code

We are so powerful.  I cannot say this enough.   

It's not a pep talk.  It's a reality we have to face.  We are powerful even when we believe we are not.  We are surrounded by the manifestations of fearful apathy, of unhealed wounds, of low self esteem, of fear of our true power.  We are surrounded by the legacies of the wounds of our ancestors.  We are weaving legacies for our descendants. 

Are we currently manifesting a world in which we retreat further and further from what actually connects us, or a reality in which we work to heal the wounds we have shared and exchanged?  It's our choice.

This Full Moon straddles two energies that are frequently subject to heavily gendered interpretations- Cancer and Capricorn.  This is a QueerAss moon.  This is the time to step into our elegance, into our grace, into our power.  It's the time to admit that even when we feel the smallest, our actions carry consequences for the world at large.  The time to commit to standing gracefully in the responsibility for manifestation that we all share.  This is the time to decide to do what it takes to become healed enough to wear all your parts with dignity, to know that, like with the real world of gender, you will mix things in your own way.  Blur the lines between your sensitivity and your calmcoolcollected.  Fuck with the binaries of how we perceive intelligence and reality, strategy and feeling.  Wear that with pride.  We need the full spectrum.  More than ever.  Claim your power, manifest your truth.


What are we bringing through?-  Chance

Chance is one of the cards for 2017.  We are in the cauldron.  Things are changing.  We are small, but unmeasurably powerful pieces of that change.  We have choice but not control, power but not control.  These times are still building up, never mind shaking down.

Some of the chips that are waiting to fall are giant- the unpredictable wild cards of fear institutionalized, an earth in deep stress, desperate measures taken by those invested in a dying system.  

Most of the chips that are waiting to fall are us- the people trying to heal, the people who have been oppressed and survived in spite of it, who want freedom, who think and feel, honor and love, those saving our grace, those who kept the old ways alive, those who listen to the earth, to hearts, to spirit, to courage.  We are the change.  If we want to be.  We are possibility.  If we want to be.  

No one knows yet what we will do.  No one knows what levels of courage we will find.  No way yet of telling what forms our genius will take, how deeply we can humanize, how smart our hearts can get.  It is not clear what pieces we will be able to heal, or what kinds of foundations we are starting to build for our descendants.  We are all still just adjusting to the need to step forward in ways we never have before.  We are waiting for cues, taking deep breaths, making plans, self-soothing, navigating crisis, healing and finding our touchstones.  

This is anyone's game right now.  Figuring out where to throw our weight for the best possible outcome is a delicate operation.  It takes self-knowing.  It takes patience and readiness.  It takes emotional intelligence, intuition, the willingness to heal beyond our conditioning.  It takes us being willing to work with the unknown, strive without guarantees, risk our comfort, however uncomfortable it is.


What needs to be nurtured?-  The Star, Rx

It's a tough time, tough world.  Oh how we need our tender innocence!  Oh how we need our unrelentingly hopeful hearts!  We may be heartbroken, appalled, but still there is that spark.  Still some part of us that insists on hoping, however deep we bury it, fiercely protect it, consistently shame it, hide or deny it.

This moon begs us to consider instead:  Feed it.  Love it.  Cherish it.  Let it whisper to you.  Ensure its survival.  Nurture it, however secretly or openly you need to, but do it.  Treat it like the sacred thing it is.

If we can't do that, we will not be able to weather the tides of change, much less join them.   Heart/spirit/soul is the antidote to what ails us.  Living with beautiful vision is what claiming our ability to manifest is all about.  This is the core fire, the beautiful seed, the thing that needs to be prioritized always.

It is more important now, not less, to tend your first spark.  It is more important now, not less, to be sincere.  It is more important now, not less, to honor that within you that is hopeful, innocent and loving.  Do it smartly, fiercely, elegantly, powerfully, strategically.  Only do it, because all the smarts we have are worse than nothing without this.  They are dangerous without it.  Without the first spark, that heart of our joy and vision, our survival skills lose their beauty, our intelligence dims, our actions become dangerous, our compasses susceptible to deception and greed, our hearts willing to settle for comfort over love.

This is the actual core of courage.  

We are a species that learned to navigate by the stars.  The health and well-being of the star within is essential to our ability to move in the right direction.  It is what allows us to travel through the terrain of grievous wounding and heartbreak and come through.

Feed it, feed it, feed it.