Feast of Open Hearts

New Moon In Libra, September 2016

What a moon!  What a heart glow, deep love, big sky moon!  This moon is a sweet kiss.  It's a hot spark with a tender heart.  A time for big beginnings.  This moon is sitting in Libra with Jupiter there to amplify every move that little moon makes.  Jupiter there to amplify the love we make, the connections we forge and tend, the golden web we weave.

We cannot escape the power of love for long.  This is the time to open to it, to expand into it, to wield it.  We wield beauty and the world is transformed.  This is not an easy proposition.  This is not a light road.  Sexism has obscured the power of beauty.  It has obscured the meaning of beauty.  Patriarchy and colonialism have told us tales about connection.  Love is terrifying in its strength, but most of us are scared of it for the wrong reasons. 

There is enormous potential in this time, and whatever we do will receive a boost from Jupiter and from Mars, which is shifting into make-it-happen-for-reals Capricorn.  The New Moon is a beginning and Libra is an initiator; this is a time for powerful progress.  It would also be easy to just coast, or to get lost in shallow pleasures.  Rest should certainly be part of the work.  Reconnection should be part of it.  Reveling in the beauty is part of the medicine.  We need to remember that we can work from many places, that struggle is not the only thing that makes our work real, that the exchange of abundance is part of rigorous and committed healing.  This time of balance and nuance calls for discernment and honesty, so that we can know the difference between play and distraction, between rest and avoidance, between deep connection and quick fixes that temporarily soothe anxiety without addressing its roots. 

What will you initiate now from the core of your brave heart?  What will you offer into the web of relationship?  What magic will you start when you are well and beautifully reflected?  What potential do you unlock when you collaborate?


The Gift- Ten Bottles

We all need to be reflected.  We all need to be seen through the eyes of love.  Our hearts are happy when they can both give and receive that gift.  The exchange makes us whole.  Our individuality is precious, but only because we are in relationship, only because we need each other and we need each other to be exactly who we really are. 

This is a good time to get your heart fed, to let it have a feast of beauty, and to let it share that feast.  Beauty is not hidden now, yours or anyone else's, and the desire to connect is all around.  It is easier now than at other times to know how connected we are, to have loveliness and joy reflected.  It helps us celebrate each other.  It helps us share abundance.  It helps us know what we have.  We live in a world full of babes, with so much magic to offer each other.

It's important to take in as much as we can, letting ourselves be deeply nurtured by the love that truly reflects us, connecting in ways that are authentic and healing.  We need to remember that we need each other, we need to fill up before winter.  More even than that, we need each other's wisdom, perspective, and reflection if we are to integrate all the work we've been doing.  To be seen as growing, as strong, as beautiful and courageous, when that's what we are, makes our efforts more real.  And in this time of loving sparks, of genius for connection, of shared magic, what we start here defines the foundation we will be working with as we go further on our paths.  We can be laying a foundation of deep connection and love.


The Tools-  Nine of Feathers, Rx

For the first time ever, the guides want me to tell you all about the tools not to use.  It's not always the most productive route, but right now it makes sense.  Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches.  That means however you engage with the energy of Libra is amplified.  Every little bit of it.  High stakes at a time it would be easy to get carried away or want to trade immediate comfort for the actual work of connection.

So here it is.  What to watch out for.  What not to do.

Don't get lost.  Don't settle for the emotional equivalent of sugar-highs.  Don't self-destruct in your haste to win the approval of others.  The cost of all of these will be amplified.  Don't project your self-love issues into your relationships.  You could romanticize people because you're looking for your own beauty.  You could project a bunch of shit onto them and then sacrifice your own well-being at the altar of what-you-can't-own-for-your-own.  You could engage in the self-harm of pointless comparison.  You could engage in the self-harm of not owning your beauty or your shit.  You could work so hard to set up a soothing hall of mirrors with someone that you neglect your own truth, your own intuition, your self-care, your voice.  In all of this self-harm, you sure wouldn't be giving the gift of clean love.  Hard to say who that dishonors more- the erstwhile recipients of your affections or your own honorable heart.

Let's amplify true reflection instead of projection.  True reflection creates mutually supported self-knowing, it helps us all see ourselves- our power, our beauty, our lessons, our struggles, our complexity.  It brings truth to relationship.  Projection turns us inside out.  It's obscuring.  It's dishonest.  It actively hides the truth.  The projector or being the screen- being either can hurt you.

We have a choice, always.  The power of what we choose, like everything else right now, will be amplified.


The Challenge-  Eight of Bones, Rx

Can You Allow Yourself To Be Reborn in Love?

There are parts of you that have been waiting, like seeds, like opportunistic kittens.  Waiting for just the right combination of circumstances.  What if they were here?  We don't always get to choose what ready means, or which parts of us are ready for what.  But we do get to choose to let transformation happen.  We do get to choose patience and courage and love.

Some deep currents shook us this year.  We had the Mars retrograde, we had Saturn squaring Neptune.  We just finished a Mercury retrograde.  It would be hard to have gone through this last year without being changed on some deep level.  In all the sorting, some part of you has been given more room, or called home, or at least sent a letter of reconciliation. 

The seeds will stir when the soil is the right temperature.  The kitten will pounce when a treasure is within reach.  This Libra love-fest, this gift of generous reflection of beauty, this feast of open hearts, these are the circumstances that will stir your depths, that will send a rumble down to where the next phase of your unfolding is sleeping.  The sweet potential of right now is like sunlight warming what has been latent in your soil. 

How can you take the biggest risks that are most supported?  Not just any risk, but the right ones, supported in the right ways.  The ones that are the stirrings from the depths of your being, the risks that are about falling in love with yourself, believing in your own potential, opening to the connections that will call forward your truest self, that will demand more authenticity, more courage, the connections that will feed your transformation with love.

Love will make you grow.  It will bring the medicine you need.  Whatever the relationship, if the love is real, it will change you.  It will challenge you and give you exactly what you need to meet every challenge.  Everything will be amplified right now.  If you agree to let yourself be fed by love you will be changed, faster and more deeply than at other times.  It can be the love you give yourself, the love you feel for the earth, for whatever beauty sings to you, the love of romantic partnership, the love of community, passion for your work, or family.  It doesn't matter where it comes from.  What matters is that parts of you have been waiting to grow, and the circumstances are now right.  What matters is that you can choose to say yes, and to take responsibility for continuing to nurture the process.

What matters is that we choose courage and patience and love.  That we allow the love in to feed what's growing inside of us.  Beauty unfolding.