Moon of Revelations

Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse, September 2016

So easy to go too fast right now.  So much to be done, so much energy moving around, so many feelings and conversations and changes.  It's not time to slow down and curl up yet, but we need to stay soft while we run around.  How to stay grounded, open, compassionate?  We need to remember to breathe.  We need to remember that this is magic.  This time gives us an opportunity to heal the separation between the daily and the magical.  

There is nothing lacking right now.  There is an abundance of just about everything:  inspiration, to-do lists, challenging energies, gentle energies, synchronicity, bullshit, hope, trauma, release, manifestation.  All available, all active.  This is the magic of season change.  It's a simultaneous release and invocation.  It's also the magic of collective healing, which we have ever increasing opportunities to do.

This moon has big, big light, and maybe we ourselves will be more ready than usual to see by it.  We are in a cycle of revelations, those beauties that move in mysterious and sometimes painful ways.  The interruption provided by Mercury retrograde has found ways to expose patterns and details that are relevant to integrating the work of the year, while the eclipses bracket, punctuate, and require us to see differently by obscuring the light to which we are most accustomed.  


Five of Bones, Rx

We are not powerless in our hurt.  We must own our health and our healing.  This full moon will show us mystery, it will connect us to spirit, it will invite us to expand into deep knowing.  We cannot do those things without floating away unless we are responsible for ourselves, unless we honor our health and own our power to influence it.  

What your body needs does not deserve critique.  What your heart needs does not need to be dissected and justified.  How you go about getting those things is what needs to be thought out, where you need to ask yourself questions.  Humility is in listening to your own humanity, your own body, your own magic.  Humility is in knowing that you are part of everything and that you have a responsibility to tend yourself with respect to your relationships and to the earth who holds us.

We are abundance and we create abundance.  You can choose to rest when you feel tired.  You can choose to regenerate when you have become depleted.  You can choose to be smart about how you kick it in to high gear.  If you knowingly and unnecessarily sacrifice your well-being, you are undermining your offering, not enhancing it.

With so much emotional energy up, it could be easy to founder, to wallow, to sink.  But it would be a choice, because there is also so much support.  We have so much power.  Choose to nurture yourself, to tend your reserves, and you will be able to ride these waves instead of getting swept out.  If you claim your power and responsibility, you could make magic, shake your wounds to their depths, bring immense spirit to all the little things you do.


The Hermit, Rx

Oh, beautiful light.  You are all afire, you are a beacon, you are a star in constellations.  You have inside of you this fire, this guiding lantern, this path finder.  How do you tend it and keep it alight?  In this dance that is everything, that is giant, that is sweeping, how do you keep your place/your pace?  

Revelations abound, and we are revealed to ourselves, soul and body, behaviors, sweeping truths and details.  You are a spirit weaving magic through personality and matter, through walking your path, through claiming your journey.  We must nurture that expression, and we need to do it through attention to our work in the world, our responsibilities, service and practicality to the same degree that we do it through yearning, longing for spirit, praying, dissolving, empathy and dreaming.

There is a special power of bridging and integration being worked right now.  Lines are being blurred and redefined.  If we can be centered and relax into the chaos, there are bountiful opportunities to land more fully in who we are and what we came here to do.  If we can surrender to what moves us, guides us, and calls us home, we will find ourselves big enough to be alive at this time, big enough to claim and even relish our place in all this.


The Code, Rx

This moon can help us make moves towards healing the artificial divide between the magical and our daily lives that we are encouraged and sometimes forced to maintain.  It can help us heal the rift between structure and fluidity.  We need both.  We ourselves, in our beautiful bodies, seamlessly combine them.  As we stand as this point in the dance between our planet, the Sun, and the Moon, we can learn to allow both the flow and scope of Pisces and the detailed, questioning, practicality of Virgo.  We can be the place they meet.

If you want to manifest change in your life and your world, you must learn to work with flow.  Another way to say this is that you must learn to work with yourself.  You are a being that needs flow.  Your veins, your organs, your blood pumping, all work with fluidity and with structure.  When we become imbalanced and stray too far in either direction, we fight ourselves.  We all have a different mix, but it is always a mix. 

What systems, boundaries, rituals and practices support your flow?  How does flexibility help you define the structures you build in your life?  How does it enrich your discipline?  We need to feel our way into and through things as much as we need to plan and strive.  Often the best solution is the easiest.  Especially true now under this moon of revelations.  The best solution happens when you accept the truths that are being shown you.  When you surrender to the truth and then do the obvious work that is yours to do.  When you are receptive and open, committed and diligent.  Is that not easier than fighting? 

We are bringing soul back into this realm.  We are bringing spirit into the details and work of daily life, we are bringing compassion into practicality.  We are healing logic and in so doing, recalibrating what is considered reasonable in making decisions that affect ourselves and others.

Because our healing, our lives and our courage resonate with each other's, every way in which we are able to do this helps us all.  The more places in your life that you can open to connection and compassion, humbly receive information, and bring your details into alignment with truth, the more you are in service.  The more you build practices and systems in your life that honor flow and call in spirit, the more healing you will manifest.  The more we create a tradition of healing, the richer the legacy we will leave.