Let Love Make You Strong


New Moon in Taurus, May 2016

Beauty, beauty, beauty.  If we can relax, if we can trust, oh, the riches this moon can bring!  Enjoyment of the moment, sending gifts ahead to the future.  The new moon in Taurus can help us with love.  It can help us with self-worth.  It can help with manifestation.  Taurus is a sign of immense power, but it moves slowly, and with great intention.  Not one to put energy in any direction it doesn't want to sustain, Taurus is deliberate to the point of laziness, but when it decides to commit, is unstoppable.  That, and all the retrograde action, makes this a time to carefully, thoroughly, thoughtfully put energy into crafting intentions for the new moon for the things you want to build into your life.  Deliberate, careful actions, well placed, will increase the staying power of your endeavors.  

The retrogrades reinforce this, since any normal rushing ahead will be interrupted one way or another anyhow.  They also allow a special kind of attention to detail.  During retrogrades, it's easier to see patterns.  It's easier to assess our behaviors and habits, it's easier to take stock.  This is the time when, for example, the problem of self-love can be approached not as monumental, or an epic journey through our trauma, but through a simple (and well nigh unavoidable) closer acquaintance with how our smallest behaviors feed into the pattern.  Taurus new moon, all deeply embodied as it is, with the fresh perspective of the retrogrades, makes this the time when it becomes easy to see how taking responsibility for the joy of our bodies (through pleasure and self-care) feeds right into to our ability to love ourselves for exactly who we really are.  It becomes easy to see how the little ways we engage our energy add up to whether or not we feel at home in life.  Taurus has a deep relationship with self-worth and being fully in our true natures.  We are abundance.  We are the earth.  We are the best riches imaginable.  We are beauty.  However you do it, it's what you are, and there's no better time to build/rebuild/refine your life so that it can hold that wonder.  No better time to commit to yourself.

This moon is on the sweet wild heels of Beltane, the gate into the light half of the year, the holiday of beauty, the sacred joy of being embodied, a time of a thin veil when the magic is there to brush against your skin, when it whispers to the magic in your cells, when it is easier to remember the magic that we are and from which we were born.



The Gift- Strength, Rx

Strength is something that is dear to all of us, in some way or another, and which I would venture to assert that all of us have some mess of stories and judgments about.  Stories and judgments can change.  Strength can be tended and developed.  We can learn to see all the types we possess, we can learn to understand types that are foreign to us, we can learn to develop new kinds.

Under this moon, it is easier than usual to not only understand, but also access a deep, quiet, steady internal strength.  There's a very close relationship right now, as a matter of fact, between access and understanding.  If you can ground, if you can tap into the strength of your body to soothe itself, to tell you what it needs, to direct your energy into the most healthy and efficient channels, you will also find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of what makes you strong.

The combination of all the Taurus energy (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) with Mars retrograde makes this magic possible.  Mars is about the immediate application of courage and vitality, two important factors of strength.  Taurus holds other key factors: stamina, practicality, physicality, joy, love.  This is the perfect time to reach deeper clarity around themes of strength that are closely entwined with our ability to build the life we want in tangible ways.

Where does your strength come from?  What kinds of strength do you use?  Which kinds are natural to you, and how big of a discrepancy is there between what you use and what you're built for?  How do you build, tend, or undermine your stamina?  Which displays of strength waste your energy and which build it?  Who are you strong for?  Taurus knows that strength is not infinite, but neither is it finite.  It requires tending.  It requires respect.  It requires rest, and tenderness, and plenty of every good thing.  It can flourish if treated as a sacred and complex thing.  Like anyone, it does not like to be pigeon-holed or underestimated.  The strength of the grass beneath your feet should no more be underestimated than the strength it takes your heart to break so that it can heal.



The Tools- Six Bottles, Rx

Our stories around how we're supposed to be strong and what will keep us safe play out in our bodies.  It's easier to access that intersection now, and wise to make the most of that accessibility by exploring how we tend our physical strength, how we manifest our fears and self-loathing physically, how we strain our systems by over-protecting or being too electric.  In turn, our bodies will teach us about our emotions, our psyches, our patterns, our ability to heal our wounds.


The tools that serve right now are those that have a physical component, and that focus on nourishing and building.  They must bring or enhance beauty if you want the most reward for your efforts.  If ever there was a time for beautiful food, good smells, clothes that honor your body, steady exercise, this is that time.  We are walking towards our futures.  We are building the beauty we want to live.  We cannot have a beautiful future if we are do not allow ourselves beauty, when available, in the present.  We cannot have, today or any day, the relationship with our bodies that we want if we do not treat them as well as we are able.  We cannot face the things that scare us if we can't access the truth of our own beautiful natures.

Go outside.  Fill your home with flowers.  Make teas that delight your senses.  Put lotion on the bottoms of your feet.  Wear the clothes that delight your body regardless of occasion.  Clear old shit out of your house and beautify it.  Put the very best things you can reasonably afford into your body.  Give yourself love love love.  Nothing else will make you stronger.  Nothing else will increase your stamina, nothing else will so fully expand your chances at manifesting your magic into the world.

Even if you are struggling at this moment to know your own worth, take good care of yourself.  Not to manage yourself and all the things you know could get worse if you don't, but as a good faith investment in to who you are becoming.  



The Challenge- Apprentice of Bottles, Rx

Can You Fall in Love With Your Life?

Beautiful gift, this life, made just for you.  No one can live it for you, you are the only one who can truly experience it.  This is the time to step more fully into your life, into your experience, into your own nature, into the beauty of being you.

This is about joy and abundance.  It's about diving in.  Diving in is immersion, it's surrender, but it's also a choice, it's also commitment, it's also enthusiasm.  It's time to enthusiastically commit to yourself.  To your emotions.  To your body.  To the full package of who you are- lovely, evolving, unfolding you, the gift that keeps on giving.  A joyful commitment to the full package does not turn away from what is painful, but it also does not take pain as evidence of worthlessness or futility.  

What if you were in love with getting to be yourself?  What if you could be more in your own aliveness, everything you do a full expression of your own nature?  One of my teachers uses this prayer to get through resistance: "How can I experience this fully?" I have found it helpful for getting into my own experience in times of great stress and in times of ease.  We learn to numb, or deflect, or project at such a young age, the habits that form bleed into lots of different kinds of circumstances.  We mix them, swap them or drop them depending on what's going on.  Asking to experience fully whether we are sitting by ourselves eating cheese or engaged in emotional tangles with others allows for both presence and movement, two things that are supportive to the emergence and expression of our true natures.

Can you fall in love with your life?  Can you do it more deeply, more fully?  Can you do it with commitment, enthusiasm, surrender, intention?  Can you bring your essence and your multi-faceted strengths?  Love takes trust.  It takes investment.  It requires abundance.  All of those things are natural to us, at some level, however deeply buried under pain.  Reach for the steady strength, the lasting courage and endurance this New Moon holds and let those things unfold.  Let yourself lavish your life with the love it deserves.


Blessings, blessings, blessings!


Thanks to Larry Savides for "How can I experience this fully?"