The Seeds of Our Becoming

New Moon In Aquarius/Imbolc, February 2016

Things are stirring.  The very first signs of spring are beginning to show around here, and we are just past Imbolc, the holiday of the quickening.  It's the time of sap rising, of beginning to shake off winter, of letting go in preparation for the action of spring.  We've been shaken by the recent Mercury retrograde.  We've had ourselves turned inside out and the hidden brought to light.  All through winter we've been mucking around in our own underbellies and Imbolc is when we raise our heads, toss the shit that's been sorted into the "get gone" pile, and go take a restorative bath.

And then there's the New Moon in Aquarius.  Enter the weird wise child.  Enter the starry one.  How better to follow the quickening than with far sight and big ideas?  Aquarius has gift for perspective  that no one else can beat.  Constantly analyzing relationships, and flexible in scope of focus, Aquarius can see patterns and grand designs.  It can see the big picture without losing much detail.  Indeed, it can see how the big picture is made and defined by details, and thus is able to hone in on opportunities for change.

Aquarius is also supremely unconcerned with rules and attachments.  Social discomfort is not a strong dissuading factor for this sign, and authenticity has a higher premium than almost anything else.  This makes this new moon closest to Imbolc a powerful time for creating change.  If so much of our healing is letting go of what keeps us from ourselves, a moon obsessed with authenticity is a powerful ally.  The seeds of this year's work are stirring to the song of this visionary, to the song of genius, and if we set intentions making the best use of this energy we can, their unfolding will be freer for it.


The Gift- Apprentice of Bones

Learning about ourselves is a gift.  It helps us heal.  It allows us to transform in ways that are authentic.  It creates space for others to do that same learning and healing.  We build momentum and engage in reciprocity.  The more we learn about ourselves, the more we can see our relationships and how we individually fit into all the various spheres of relationship, and the better we can tend those spheres.  

There is a large amount of collective energy around this that we can tap into and contribute to.  The beautiful work being done to not only preserve, but promote Indigenous ways of knowing is a huge gift.  Collaborations between scientists and dancers, the squarest of squares trying to reconnect to their intuitions and do their healing, the gifts of all targeted communities in their survival and their flourishing- all the efforts we make to decolonize our bodies, hearts and minds contribute to how humans live together with everyone else on this earth.  All these things are us, as a species, trying to reintegrate our ways of knowing.  It is crucial that we begin to (re)understand the value of body knowing, intuitive knowing, emotional knowing, ancestral knowing, relational knowing.

As you step into this next cycle, and especially as you begin setting intentions, remember to make full use of the gifts of your knowing and learning.  Let your seeking and digesting be done with all your parts, and tap into the supportive momentum of our collective process of healing.  For more time than we haven't, we have accessed our learning through all our parts.  We have a long history of being in relationship with the earth and a shorter one of disconnection.  Openness is a gift.  We can receive it from each other.  The wisdom of my body is a gift to you.  The wise ways of your hearts are a gift to me.  Every time we engage our senses we bring ourselves back into relationship with the earth and the beings around us.  Every time we seek to understand ourselves more fully, we can bring more of our gifts to the web in which we live.


The Tools- The World, Rx


Our bodies, like that of the Earth, are built to self-heal.  Given basic things like safety, time, proper nourishment, and a break from what ails us, we can repair most any damage we have incurred. Our systems naturally pace themselves.  They can take on all the phases of healing from the most gruesome to the most immediately relieving, each in their own time. Since this time of year is all about returning to a sense of our strength and potential, and about really letting go, the tools that serve us best this moon are those that support our ability to heal ourselves.

In order to get the most out of this, you have to do a little surrendering.  You have to agree to trust that your system knows what it's doing.  You have to agree to trust that wellness is the constant goal.  You have to give yourself up to process.

If you can do that, you can begin to assess what tools and practices most nurture your ability to self-heal.  You can begin to assess when to push yourself rigorously and when to employ  more gentle measures.  Allies for self-healing are mushrooms, waterways, trees, nettles, wolves and vultures.  In the chakra system, the chakra that has the most ability to balance all the other chakras is the Heart.

The Challenge- Six of Bones, Rx

Can You Be Satisfied With Your Process?

fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

To be fulfilled by process!  Can you wish to be in process?  Can you shift away from cultural conditioning into the extremely reasonable expectation of being process?  Can you focus your energy on needing the process of unfolding itself, rather than putting all your graciousness conditionally towards the desired outcome?  You are not a product.  If you forget that, we're truly lost.

One of the (many) reasons I have been making seasonal holidays a part of my spiritual practice is to help me heal from product-orientedness.  Humans alone of all species are willing to ignore cycles.  Humans alone are willing to try to live without ebb and flow.  Humans attempt to jump out of process.  It's still fairly recent in our history, all things considered, that it is even acceptable on a wide spread level to live as though some pinnacle of achievement is the only thing that has meaning, as though to have thwarted natural rhythms somehow makes us superior.  Holidays that mark the turning of the seasons help me reorient.  At this time of year, very few plants flower.  If you are tuned in, you can feel that the earth is busy, but outwardly, very little is different.  Because the days are still wet and dark, every little sign of re-emerging vitality is precious.  Every wee sprout, catkin, or crocus is a cause for satisfaction.

In addition to seasonal support for this challenge, there are two astrological influences that can help.  One is the new moon itself.  Aquarius has a gift for contextualizing.  This can create emotional distance, which is only sometimes useful, but it can also help us to look at the process.  In the context of your whole life, how does where you are right now fit?  In the context of ongoing healing of a particular wound, you can remind yourself that "small" successes are meaningful.  You can fit them into the pattern and know their power.

Jupiter in Virgo can also help with this.  Jupiter in Virgo expands our ability to see the meaning of the details, and expands the power of routine.  Changes you are making in the details of your life right now have extra power.  Changing and refining your routine to be more in alignment with your healing has extra power.  

Satisfaction.  It means being met.  It means being nourished.  Every unfolding of you can nourish you.  The tools that help us self-heal will only make that more true.  But also, the more you are nourished by your unfolding, the more you will be able to heal.  Be satisfied, right here, right now, because what you are doing is real.  Feed yourself, and you feed the process of your becoming.