Imbolc to Imbolc Healing Wheel Workbook

The Imbolc Edition of the Healing Wheel Workbook

This workbook takes you through the eight holidays of the Wheel of the Year, beginning with Imbolc.  Imbolc is at the beginning of February and is the holiday of the quickening, the stirring of the seeds, and making magical commitments for the coming year.  Imbolc carries a building energy, it is the first restlessness after the stillness of winter.  As such, it is an excellent time to begin working with the seasons. 

Excerpt from Healing Wheel 

This book includes a Tarot spread for the whole year, and for each point on the wheel an introduction to the holiday, magical exercises, altar suggestions, rituals, self care suggestions, astrological information, prayers, and questions to reflect on.  There are blank pages provided for your writing, and some space for you to make notes about your observations of what is happening seasonally where you live. It overlaps some in content with the 2016-17 Samhain edition, but continues on past fall of 2017, with new content for Samhain and Winter Solstice 2017.

Every step of creating this workbook that was directly in my hands was done in magical space.  It carries with it a magical intention:  To honor and strengthen the relationship between our individual and collective healing, and to support people in aligning themselves with the rhythms of the earth.  As part of fulfilling the first part of this intention in human terms, half of the money made from this workbook goes directly to Indigenous led efforts to protect and heal the earth.  (More on that here.)

This work comes out of my deep love for the Earth, inspired by the sense of relief and home-coming I felt when I first began to work the wheel.  My goal is to share some of that sense of relief and re-connection, and to help people find ever more ways to self-heal.

Cost and Ordering:

Workbooks are $15.  They are 6x9 inches with a soft cover.  Approximately $5.75 per book gets donated.  Shipping (for anywhere outside Olympia, WA) is $4.

To place a order a workbook, please contact me via Instagram (icon at the bottom of the page) or email-  


The Healing Wheel workbook is released twice a year, at Samhain and at Imbolc.  Both editions last a full year.