Our Unshakeable Brilliance

Full Moon in Taurus, November 2016

Oh my beloveds.  I love you.  I love you for your tears, your courage, your rage, your fear.  I love you for your unique ways and means.  My powerful beloveds.

This moon is the birth of our power.  This moon we bring it in to our bodies, we become it in our walk, our voices, our laughter.  The New Moon was the seed.  This is the fruit.  Poor fools who thought they could ruin us.  They know not what they have awoken.

Scorpio is power, pure and raw, intense and deep.  Taurus is staying power.  Taurus is deep confidence, core self worth, embodiment and peace. The work begun at the New Moon will root deep on this Taurus Full Moon, it will settle in for the long haul.  This is a powerful moon.  The Taurus/Scorpio axis is one of incredible potency and one that has the capacity for long-lasting and profoundly deep change.  It is the awakening of what is under the surface.  It is the beginning of a slow burn that, once going fully, is difficult to extinguish.  What Scorpio digs up, Taurus will sort through and make sense of.  Scorpio will bring our fears to the surface, and Taurus will remind us of our beauty.  What Scorpio has in passion, Taurus matches with commitment.  Scorpio ushers in the death of what needs to go, Taurus solidifies what is trying to take shape.  Woe betide anyone who tries to get the best of these energies when they join forces for healing.

There is magic asked of us, and this moon is a formidable supporter.  We will deepen our commitment and our passion.  We will slow-and-steady-win-this-race-and-turn-this-tide.  We will gleefully stir up shit and rattle cages, and we will follow it with patience, compassion and deep and steady love.  We will self love and I-love-you into the healing of this deep, egregious collective wounding.  We will find what grounds us to the loveliness of our endeavors.  We will let ourselves be resourced so that we can give of our abundance with ease.


Death, Rx

Death is sacred, and it needs to be midwived.  It is a process that benefits from understanding, presence, power and surrender.  

Not everything that is ready to go knows how to exit gracefully.  It is the job of the midwives, the priestesses, the witches and the healers to help things along when they get stuck.

The patriarchy is trying to die.  It's having a fucking fit about it, but that doesn't make it any less time.  That doesn't change that its death is way it can be healed.

It is time for us to drop everything that is not true to who we are.  It is time to shed old skins.  The patriarchy cannot be laid to rest if we keep it alive in ourselves.  

It is time for us to take our masks off and roll up our sleeves.  How can you surrender more fully to your work?  How can you stop pretending to not care so passionately about what your heart beats for?  How can you honor and encourage the death of your fear of your power?  What do you need to stop putting energy towards because it diverts your precious power from its purpose and joy?  What do you need to heal so that you stop resonating with the frequencies of oppression?

Work your healing.  Release what you don't need.  Midwife the death of everything that stands between you and your power.  Trust this process.  There is a great wave of healing gathering force.  Add your weight to it.  Add your magic.  Let go of pretense, and become the person you would most want at your side through these wild times.  


Artist of Keys, Rx

We are each a candle.  Our work is to bring warmth and beauty to our place in the web, and to burn up the lies that clog it. 

It is time to shine.  It is time to become intimately familiar with your gifts and your passion for them.  It is time to commit, on this moon, with the heft of Taurus behind you, to tending them, learning them, bringing them out into the world.  It is time to commit to your authenticity, to getting bigger, to bringing love and clarity to everything you do.

In this way, you will burn through the lies.  You will be one of many brave, healing ones who are busily burning holes in the tapestry of lies while living their truths.  It will fall apart of its own accord when we no longer give it safe passage through us, when we have made millions of brilliant holes in it, when we run truth through the lines instead.  

You cannot do someone else's work.  You can only do your own.  We need each other to be grounded, steady and committed to the work we came to do.  We need to be able to look to each other and feel that we are surrounded by beauties burning away the interference.  I feel supported when you do your work.  I feel safer when I know you're shining.  I feel more trust in our future together when I see people own what is theirs to do with courage, compassion and commitment.

I feel hope when I know you will bring artistry, courage and passion, that you will keep writing, singing, laughing, shining, arting, researching, priestessing, healing, teaching, and learning.


Apprentice of Bones

It is time for us to become the best students of healing and change we can be.  It is time for us to do it deeply, well, thoroughly.  We need it personally, we need it collectively.  We need to ask the right questions.  We need to be open to answers.  We need to look from many angles, engage many ways of knowing and asking.

We don't have time to do this partially.  We will need to be thorough and patient.  No detail of our healing is unimportant, because no detail of our wounding is separate from what plagues us.  We need to think with our bodies and hearts as well as our heads.  We need to deeply understand our humanity.  We need to learn to account for it instead of trying to work around it.

We need to study what happens when we're scared, lonely, connected, resourced, exhausted, inspired, despairing.  We need to know.  So that we can be intentional in engaging our energy.  

You had better know yourself.  Deeply.  You had better know your patterns, your habits, your preferred ways of doing things, what happens when you clam up, what calms you, what rattles you, the mechanisms of how you live out your conditioning and trauma, what brings your core self shining to the fore.  We need to know these things so we can bring the right needs to the right places, so we can take care of ourselves, so we don't act our shit out on those we are trying to help or be supported by.

We had better learn to see each other.  We had better learn how trauma works.  We need to see how it's woven into our systems, how we reflect it to each other culturally, how oppression weaves it into people's lives.  We need to see the very real hurts under the imagined victimhood of "the silent majority."  

Colonialism is built of trauma.  Capitalism feeds on trauma.  Environmental degradation stresses out our animal bodies whether we believe in global warming or not.  The collective severing of mind from body means that people are being affected by things without being able to identify or admit what or how.  

This Taurus full moon asks us to be fully situated in ourselves.  It asks us to find practical, tangible, beautiful and thoughtful ways to engage our resources.  It asks us to tend our whole selves, to bring beauty into the work that we do.  To learn, driven by love and a desire to be here living beautiful lives.  The Sun in Scorpio challenges us to look deeper, ask more questions, face what scares us.  

The best learning requires at least these two things:  a thoughtful honoring of the process, and a multi-dimensional approach.  Firstly, honor what encourages you to learn, what keeps you curious, engaged, and hopeful.  Take care of yourself so that you can stick with it.  Support others in this as well.  Make time and space to hold your process as best you can.  Secondly, learn with your body, mind, heart, intuition, magic.  Find ways to reunite your parts.  Cast a wide net.  Let art, spirituality, science, academic theories, good conversations, writing, dancing, singing, drawing, emotions, habits, ritual, ancestral experience (good, bad, and complicated) and stories be your teachers.  

We need to be brilliant.  We need to build on the movements that have gone before us without reproducing them.  We are in this moment.  We need to be thorough.  The threads of spiritual loneliness are not separate from the racism of the system or mistreatment of the earth.  Our approaches need to be thoughtful and multi-faceted.  Not least because if we come to our individual and collective healing from many directions, it will be harder to slow it down.  Not least because we are multi-dimensional, as is our genius.