Healing Wheel Workbook

I'm releasing a Wheel of the Year workbook!

It starts with this coming Samhain and goes through the 8 holidays of the wheel of the year.  It includes exercises and practices, rituals, altar ideas and questions to reflect on for each point of the wheel.

It is a spell.  It is a call to bring ourselves into alignment with the Earth and her rhythms.  There is a strong link between our individual and collective healing, and I am offering this book with the intention of strengthening that link and putting the work that individuals do to bring themselves into right relationship with the Earth into direct service to the collective healing.

Intention shapes our magic and our offering.  If we do our individual healing with an awareness of how we fit into the web, we strengthen the offering that is our healing.  Our healing is changed by awareness.  If we are aware of how we fit into the collective, our healing can be informed and empowered by our efforts to decolonize ourselves, take responsibility for privilege, and heal from oppression.  The more pieces we choose and own, the more power we bring. 

Half of the money that I make from these workbooks will be going directly to Indigenous-led efforts to restore the balance and protect the Earth.  I am doing this because I believe that if we want to heal this mess, we need to center Indigenous leadership.  I am doing this because my healing needs to be of service, and because my work as a white person needs to give back directly to what has nurtured me.  I have been nurtured by this land, and this land has been nurtured, protected and understood by the people Indigenous to it.  The land is not separate from the people, and my presence here is not separate from the legacy of my ancestors, or the ways the colonialism is still an active force.

Workbooks are $15 each, $3 shipping in the US.  

Please email me if you are interested.