Powerful Beloveds

New Moon in Scorpio, October 2016

Oh the wild swirl of chaos.  These times we're living through.  

This New Moon is all about power.  It's a potent time to reach into the heart of your power, reclaim it, clear whatever blocks it, set intentions for how you use it, get clear about what you dedicate it to.  Powerful personally, powerful culturally.

We need to know our power.  We need to call it home, into our bodies, into our consciousness, into the tapestry of how we act, how we think about ourselves, how we make choices.  We need to know it.  We need to be self aware.  Without understanding, things will find a way to go awry.  We are living through a time that showcases the dangers of misunderstanding the real nature and needs of power.  We are getting a brutal lesson in what happens when we don't own and learn to work with the power we come in with.  

Our power itself is not the problem.  It's just life-force, vital energy.  It's the first spark, the souls desire expressed through our humanity.  It's the crossroads between our animal selves, our ideas about ourselves, and our spirits.  The quality of its expression are created out of the choices we make- however intentional or haphazard- and the conditioning we receive. 

The traumatizing, exploitative power that is dominating much of the earthly experience at this time is the cumulative outcome of generations of humans acting from their wounding, disowning their true power and settling for a poor substitute.  It's what happens when there is no support for healing or when we choose to not face our healing.  

Of all the things to turn our backs on, power is the most dangerous.  

We need to turn towards it, study it, accept the responsibility of it, claim it, nurture it, lean in to the reality of it, leave no angle unknown.  Only through understanding and ownership can we turn it into a force for healing. Only through intimacy with ourselves in all our parts can we face the shit and awaken our beauty.  Our life force will not be unexpressed.  It's not in our natures.  It is vitally important for our collective well-being that we individually choose to heal and claim our power, and that we encourage each other in that work.


The Gift- The Conductor, Rx

Scorpio is curious about everything and shy of nothing.  It wants to overturn secrets like rocks to see what lives underneath.  However hard you and the world have tried to deny it, your power is still alive.  Your fierce and loving core still active.  The unflinching curiosity of this New Moon can help you see it, help you be fascinated enough to look at it in all its shrouded and messy glory.

We are each of us a crucible, a container of unique design, with specific predilections and ingredients that can produce a unique magic out of our mix.  We are a crossroads of wild beauties and shimmering pain.  We are made of our essence, our experiences, and our choices.  And because we are brilliant, we can learn how to steer all this, refine how we engage the power of choice, knowingly add things to our own mix that will change what we produce.

This season is challenging us to call our power out of exile.  It will not happen over night, but we need to set the process in motion.  This New Moon will help us, with its gift of curiosity, its drive to see and to know.  It is time to face not only our power, but our innate ability to work with it.  It is time to face what scares us, time to face the full spectrum of motives and desires that we carry.  Above all, time to face that we have choice. Above all, time to receive the gift and truth that we are actually designed to engage with everything that we have; we are made for what we carry.    


The Tools-  Mentor of Bones, Rx

If we are to truly honor our power, we must be strategic.  We must be careful with our energy, we must be clear in our intentions.  It is not nothing to call ourselves out of exile.  It is not nothing to choose to wake up, stand up, speak up.  We must reckon with ourselves even before we reckon with the world.  We all come in with our survival skills.  We all come in with some hurt, some trauma.  We come in with our fears as much as we come in with our passion.

Use the tools that help you stay centered.  Be honest about what you can and can't do in a given moment.  Be real about where you are in your healing.  Know how you might trip yourself up and save your energy for where you can be effective, where you can take risks from the right place, where you can step forward from knowing wholeness if not from wholly-healedness.  

We have to be smarter than the lies that keep us down.  We need to be real about the pain while not falling into nihilism and despair.  Use your tools.  Cultivate your patience.  Feed your strength.  Know you are a force to be reckoned with.


The Challenge-  Four of Feathers, Rx

can you honor and protect your need for hope?  Can you steward your power?

If we are to heal, we need to begin to think, speak and act beyond the lies that have restricted us.  Around the nature of power, lies abound.  What is actually true is that we are all powerful.  We are powerful when we feel.  We are powerful when we nurture.  We are powerful when we release, heal, break open, face our most tender fears, look into our own and each other's hearts, fuck up, courageously face death, wounds, motives, longings, dreams.  I know you know these things are true.  Maybe you can honor them in others, if not yourself.  I honor them in you.  Your broken heart is a powerful gift.  Your fears, evidence as they are of your deepest values, are symptoms of your true power.  

If we want to call our power home, we need to offer it someplace safe to come home to.  We need to offer it a place where it can be sustained.  Where it is valued.  Where it is cherished in spite and because of all the things we will ask it to face.  We must be as ready to cultivate as to sacrifice.

We have to take care of ourselves.

Magic is energy and intention.  How well we know, own, tend and heal our personal power determines how clear both our energy and intention will be.  We cannot work magic without tending our power.  When we refuse, in the face of the enormity of the confusion and pain, to stop taking care of ourselves-  the only thing that is actually, truly, consistently ours to tend- we limit our own efficacy.  If you want to compromise the potency of your offerings, poor self care is an excellent way to do it.

Make a plan for taking care of yourself during these painful and beautiful times.  Follow it.  Make good boundaries, keep agreements with yourself, cultivate what keeps you hopeful.  This is not optimism or foolishness.  It is practicality.  You know what you bring when you are strung out.  You know how you show up when you are past caring.  You know what being tired, depleted and ungrounded does to you.  It takes longer to heal than it does to wound.  If we want to speed the process of healing, we need to stop compounding our own and others' wounding.  

It takes longer to heal than it does to wound, but in the long run, it is easier.  Put your boundaries at the service of your courage.  Put your ferocity at the disposal of your tenderness and vulnerability.  Use your discipline so that you can surrender.  We cannot call in the future without owning the past and present, but neither can we call it in without hope, without vision, without the courage to love, without the wisdom of our open hearts.  When we are powerfully vulnerable we open the door to the possibility of what is better.  

We are creating the possibility that we can all be at home.  And at home in our power.