Maeanna Welti is a witch, astrologer, tarot reader, musician, and writer.

 She has wanted to be a witch since she was very young, when she frequently found herself secretly in sympathy with the witches in the Disney movies.  As a teenager she taunted her younger siblings with her magical powers and made sure to do her best to loosen any attachment they had to the Bad Witch stereotype.

She began studying magic formally in 2010.  She is a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, OR.  There, she completed a four-year program that included elemental magic, psychic skills, ritual planning, priestessing, and working with the seasons.  She practices magic from an authentic place of full self and personal authority.  Her work is dedicated to healing, the land, the queers, bringing forward ancestral gifts, and reintegrating mystery into every day life.  She is a dedicated priestess and healer.

Maeanna lives in Olympia WA, where she has made her home since 1999.  She is inspired and nurtured by the Salish Sea, the tall trees, and the many streams and rivers.  She holds a bachelor of arts from the Evergreen State College, where she focused on feminist theory and photography.  In addition, she spent 7 ½ years working at the Olympia Food Co-op, a consensus-run collective of about 85 people. There, she developed facilitation skills, strategic planning and collaboration skills, skills around conflict and direct feedback, and one framework for taking personal responsibility for one’s own authority within the context of a larger group.

As a witch, she combines the skills learned at Blue Iris with those gained working at the Co-op.  She is able to communicate between humans and spirits, combine strategy with spiritual expansiveness, and find appropriate actions that work in both the spirit and human realms.